In our busy urban environment and especially during cool and dry seasons, many of us feel scattered and overwhelmed. These are symptoms of the imbalance of Vata – air and ether in the body and mind. Fortunately, we can learn to use Yoga skillfully to calm as opposed to stoke these windy elements.

Ayurveda is the sister science of Yoga and provides the basis for which we understand which postures, breathing, sounding and meditation techniques will yield the most benefit for us. If Yoga is your person prescription for optimal health and wellness, Ayurveda would be the prescriber. It teaches us that to calm the dry, light, mobile qualities of Vata, we need to apply foods, routines and techniques that are warming, nourishing and slow or grounding. For example:

Postures for Pacifying Vata

The seated spinal twist is calming for the nervous system while helping to release wind from the colon. Chair pose is warming and stabilizing and the seated Forward bend activates the parasympathetic nervous system and is therefore very relaxing and restorative.

Breathing for Pacifying Vata

Laying abdominal breathing is one of the single most calming techniques. Just lay down on the back and allow the belly to rise and fall with the inhalation and exhalation. In hectic times, this can be practiced for five minutes at a time throughout the day. Bhramari, the bumble bee breath creates a vibratory hum on the exhale that is know to help release stress.

Why not practice with us on Akhanda Yoga Online. The following four classes are geared towards soothing the effects of the dry winds of winter and pacifying Vata Dosha, including my personal favourite, the full 60-minute class Expanding Grace!

If you’re not on AYO, click one of the images to register and try our 15-day free trial. The wealth of talks and classes on the platform gives you insights into ways to practice and live that will help you feel your best, radiant selves.

Yoga for Pacifying Vata

Savour the Sweetness – Pacifying Vata
20 mins.
​This slow and grounding practice emphasizes breath and twisting postures that are low to the earth. If you’re looking for a few moments of delicious peace, this class will be a nurturing balm. Take a few minutes and enjoy – just click on the photo above!

Yoga for Vata

Soothing Breeze – Pacifying Vata
40 mins.
To balance the air/ether constitution, Vishva-ji stays low to the ground with lots of twists and stabilizing postures like balancing tiger. Chant vowel tones and the bumble bee sound in relaxation postures to really calm the nervous system through sound. This class is grounding but gives a gentle lift, like a soothing breeze.

Yoga for Vata Dosha

Expanding Grace – Vata Pactifying
60 mins. 
​Set to the theme Om Pranaye Namaha (reverence to Prana), this Vata balancing class will help to ground and channel your life force energy. Vishva-ji’s uplifting tone will help you cultivate your inner smile as you move with grace and ease.

Yoga for Vata

Son of the Wind – Pacifying Vata
90 mins.
​Hanuman is called Pavan Putra – Son of the Wind. By balancing Vata dosha within us and thereby also balancing the five Pranas, we master that vital force, which uplifts and motivates us in life. Join Vishva-ji in this live recorded class at the Ashram honouring Hanuman and harnessing the positive power of the wind – Jai Jai Hanuman, Baba Hanuman!