Cleansing Shivratri Day Retreat (+ optional 9 Day Sadhana)

Come and join the AYI Global Community on March 1st for a welcoming family friendly Retreat with Yogrishi to celebrate Maha Shivratri! Open up to your highest potential with this 6hr Cleansing Shivaratri Retreat, while embracing the powerful energy of Shivohum! I am Wellbeing!

During this 6 hour Cleansing and Grounding Retreat, free for AYO members, you will connect with Yogrishi and the supportive Akhanda Yoga community. Enjoy a holistic program of Meditations, Yoga Asana class, Yoga Nidra, Pranayama, Chanting and Satsang/Storytime, throughout which Yogrishi will share wisdom on the energy of Shivohum and the importance of Maha Shivratri.

Gather and Connect!

Join the Akhanda Community and Yogrishi on March 1st (and eventually the following 9 days!) to embrace well-being and celebrate Maha Shivratri on this Cleansing Retreat for the whole family!

9 day Sadhana with Vishva-ji

To dive deep into the powerful energy of Maha Shivratri as practiced by Maha Yogis and Yoginis, Yogrishi is offering an ongoing 9 Day Cleansing Sadhana Program March 2nd - 10th where you will explore the power of breath using traditional Pranayama techniques to ground, cleanse and go deeper within, while returning or going deeper into your practice. Discounted for active AYO members, contact us for details.

“Wellbeing is your birthright.”
Yogrishi Vishvketu

Train with expert teachers

Yogrishi Vishvketu

Yogrishi Vishvketu (Vishva-ji) is known for his infectious laughter and stories. His holistic approach brings forward ancient wisdom for a modern age incorporating asana, pranayama, mantra, meditation and yogic wisdom in every class. His deepest aim is to inspire people to connect to their true nature, which is fearless, expansive, joyful and playful.

Would you like to embrace well-being in a supported way?
Could you benefit from learning more about well-being and traditional yogic practices within a connected, safe yogic environment?
Do you want to invite habits of emotional regulation and balance for you and your family?
Would you like to reset your daily practice habits and release mental clutter in a supported way?
Would you like to connect with your intuition and create a vision of your life, using your highest potential?

“To be present is to expand your consciousness.”
Yogrishi Vishvketu

Cleansing Shivratri Retreat (+ optional 9 Day Sadhana)

Yoga Nidra Meditation Practice: Bring the body to centre, stillness and relaxation preparing for the Shivratri night ahead. Relaxes the body at a deep cellular and energetic level and brings you to stillness.
Participants are invited to enjoy a cooling drink where they are not undertaking fasting traditions. Recipe will be provided prior to the event.
Akhanda Yoga Class to open up the body and its receptivity during this time, physically and energetically: Shivohum theme
Q&A with Yogrishi
Follow along from home for Agni Hotra and Shiva Linga Worship with Shiva Chanting Setting your Sankalp (intention) during this powerful time with the supportive energy of Shivohum
Shiva Kirtan with meditative Chants and Drumming.
Storytime with Yogrishi about Shiva and exploring the wisdom of Shivohum.
Cooling and balancing Pranayama practice exploring the 3rd Eye and Ajna Chakra
Willing and energised participants may stay online after the end of scheduled Program, as the Maha Shivratri celebrations will continue on at Anand Prakash Yoga Ashram into the Indian night time.
Cleansing Shivratri Retreat
Tuesday March 1st


12:30 am
6:30 am


New York



New Delhi


“Breathwork is a significant practice that helps you shift suffering and self-doubt, and come back to your centre.”

Cleansing Shivratri Retreat
(+ optional 9 Day Sadhana)

Shivohum! Shivohum! Connect with the cosmic energy of Oneness and Wellbeing. We are inviting you to participate in a powerful online Yoga Retreat with the Akhanda Community and Yogrishi, celebrating the expansive yogic energy of Maha Shivratri.

During the darkest new moon of the year, Maha Shivratri is the perfect time to explore your subtle energies, release that which no longer serves you and tap into deeper intuitive wisdom held within you.

Ancient yogic traditions recommend withdrawing from external chatter and engaging in more spiritual practices during the days and weeks framing Maha Shivratri. These practices, particularly pranayama, chanting, fasting and meditation, purify the inner space and support the balanced awakening of Kundalini Shakti.

Connect with the uplifting and supportive Akhanda Yoga Community for Meditations, Yoga Asana, Chanting and Satsang/Storytime as Yogrishi shares the energy of Shivo Hum and the importance of Maha Shivratri. This family friendly Retreat is also a wonderful opportunity for sharing yogic traditions with our children.

This 6 hour Retreat is FREE for AYO Subscribers (please check your email for your discount code.)

$21 for non-subscribers

Why would I attend this Cleansing Shivratri Retreat? 

  • To consciously work towards creating new habits
  • To learn more about the meaning and powerful energy of Shivo Hum
  • To bring the healing, well-being energy of Shivohum added into your daily life
  • To experience traditional techniques to cool, cleanse and ground
  • To be supported in a community for positive intention setting
  • To balance pranic energy and explore 3rd Eye/Ajna Chakra


This Online Retreat will be recorded and replay will be made available within 24hrs. Attendees will have access to the recording for 3 months.

For the 9 days following Maha Shivratri you are welcomed to join Yogrishi on a Cleansing Sadhana exploring breath, while returning or going deeper into your practice. This offering is also discounted for AYO members!



Cleansing Maha Shivratri Retreat

9 day Cleansing Sadhana with Yogrishi

Akhanda Yoga Online (AYO) Subscribers


If you have any questions or need any support please do not hesitate to contact our Community Manager and Program Coordinator, Jot Anant, at

Join Yogrishi in building new habits and supporting positive shifts alongside our wonderfully supportive Akhanda Yoga community.

What are the people saying?

Akhanda institute is a beautiful place to learn an authentic Yoga. The Yoga Master, Yogrishi and his team are just amazing. Very knowledgeable and always present for any of their students. I now feel part of a wonderful yoga family. Thank you very much for everything. I’m really grateful and feel privileged for all the knowledge you passed on to me.`

Jasmine Connery; YTT Student

My deepest gratitude to the whole Akhanda Yoga family! These trainings have carried me through my deepest transformations and introduced my to so much knowledge and experiences that are hard to put into words. I cannot recommend any of the trainings here enough and I will continue spreading the word. Thank you and I am looking forward to future trainings with Akhanda!

Daniela Schmitt; YTT Student

To all of the organizers of this event a big and resounding CONGRATULATIONS and well done. If anyone had ever told me that through ZOOM I could be enraptured by kirtan sitting in my yoga room I would frankly have found that difficult to contemplate. However that Zoom kirtan was a highlight of my Zoom experiences. I had the energy of everyone’s’ participation in my yoga room.

Thanks for this reminder of the pure joy of kirtan and COMMUNITY. How fortunate we are to have the AY Family.

A big thank you to you Vishva-ji for holding us together and being a beacon of light to many. 

Attendee of Virtual NYE Retreat

Thank you to all the Akhanda Team for a simply wonderful zoom session on New Year’s Eve.  My husband and I enjoyed it so so much!  All the talented people who shared Kirtan with us all and all the interesting offerings which were so inspiring.  So much light and joy! I have watched it twice again since then.  I was particularly fascinated by the Jyotish session with Vish Chatterji – all very inspiring.

Attendee of Virtual NYE Retreat

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September 17

200 hour training

Akhanda Yoga Institute’s 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India, is a life-changing opportunity as well as a professional qualification. Study in the birthplace of Yoga and advance both your practise and teaching skills.

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Retreat for a nourishing 9 days to a grounding, healing and soul rejuvenating environment where you will receive tools to declutter your mind and energy, shift anxiety and completely reset your nervous system.

Affordable Retreat - Yoga Retreat in the Foothills of the Himalayas including accommodation, meals, workshops, and group day trips.

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Online 200 hour YTT

The Akhanda Yoga 200 Hour Virtual Teacher Training with focus on Pranayama is a unique program, the only one of its kind. Conveniently paced over 6 months during monthly weekend sessions, it gives you an extraordinary opportunity to do a Yoga Alliance approved YTT online and become a breathwork facilitator -- with a work-friendly weekend course schedule, too.

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