500/1000 Hour Akhanda Yoga Teacher Training

Akhanda 100-Hour YTT modules are our most flexible way to add to your personal and professional experience with Yoga. Expand your teachings and offerings to enrich your and your students’ growth.

With this system, you can conveniently work towards the 500-Hour or 1000-Hour designation by taking multiple courses over time.

Our incredible array of modules can be taken individually by YTT 200 or YTT 300 graduates, and can be used to build towards the Akhanda Yoga 500 or 1000-Hour Mastery designation.

Training Courses Include:

Evolve Your Teaching: Asana, Anatomy & Pranayama (YTT 300 module)

Meditation: A Hatha-Raja Training (YTT 300 module)

Ayurveda and Conscious Living (YTT 300 module)

Shiva Shakti Power: A Classical Kundalini (YTT 100)

Akhanda Yoga Life Coaching

Lunar Akhanda Yoga

Sleepology: An Inner Reprogramming Training

Akhanda Prenatal Yoga

Yoga Wisdom (Coming Soon)

The Most Flexible Way to Add to Your Professional And Personal Practice

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