Deeksha Raturi

Deeksha is originally from Rishikesh and has gained a Bachelor’s in Science (Information Technology) and a post-graduation in Yoga in 2020 from Haridwar. She started practising pranayama with her father when she was in her teenage years, and began believing in Yoga and the power of breath. In May 2017, Deeksha started working at Anand […]

Ganesh (Guy Tardif)

Guy’s journey in Yoga began in 1999 watching VHS format Yoga videos in an attempt to rehabilitate himself from a motor vehicle accident. Fascinated by how breath and postures helped to heal his body, he wanted to see how Yoga could improve other areas of his life. That curiosity led him to explore many styles […]

Chétana Jessica

Chétana Jessica co-founded the initial Akhanda Yoga training approach, and has taught Yoga Wisdom, Teaching Methodology, and Transformational Experiences for more than 25 Akhanda YTT programs in both India and in Canada. Chétana was a significant contributor to the initial leadership and organization of the flagship Akhanda Yoga Teacher Trainings.  Two of her favourite words […]

Yog Sundari

Yog Sundari began her journey within the healing arts in 1994 as a Holistic & Ayurvedic Therapist. This has become an integral part of her Yoga and meditation teachings.  She met Yogrishi Vishvketu at an Ayurvedic Conference at Parmarth Niketan in Rishikesh, India. She returned to India later that year to complete her 500-hour certification […]

Pragya (Leala Enfield)

Leala’s Yoga journey began in 1992 in New York City. Her first Yoga class sparked a sense that there was much more to life than what the world had presented to her. Within a year, she had moved to the remote side of Maui where she met David Williams and began a three-month intensive study […]

Prem Sagar (Robin Campbell – Ziffer)

Robin (Prem Sagar) has pursued the art of Yoga and spiritual transformation since 1999 when he first met his teacher Yogrishi Vishvketu in Rishikesh, India. He developed a deep connection with Vishva-ji and has remained a dedicated student.  Since then, Prem has been part of the teaching faculty for the Akhanda Yoga Teacher Training programs, […]

Pranav Baba (Piero Casanova)

Pranav Baba has travelled in India since 1994, drawn to the spiritual power of the Ganga River. He has studied with Yogrishi Vishvketu since 1999 when he attended his first retreat at Yoga Niketan. Since then he has completed all YTTs, the Pranayama Foundations YTT, the Advanced Pranayama YTT, and several trainings in India, Canada […]

Jot Anant

​​At the core of all of Jot Anant’s teachings is a desire to harness the power of the ancient wisdom of Yoga to heal ourselves, as a way to contribute to healing the world.  Jot Anant completed the 300-Hour YTT and 100-Hour Pranayama Foundations with Akhanda Yoga Institute. She has also done in-depth studies of […]

Gayatri Devi (Claudia Buzzetti)

Gāyatrī Devi met Yogrsishi Vishvketu in 2005, three years after she began her Yoga practice with Pranav Baba. That first encounter with Vishva-ji initiated a deep transformational journey she is still proudly walking today. A curious and hungry spiritual seeker from a young age, Gāyatrī Devi has chosen Yoga as a lifestyle and as the […]

Savita (Michelle Macnamara)

Michelle is a committed Yoga practitioner and teacher. After many years of disciplined asana practice, Michelle was introduced to Yogrishi Vishvketu, founder of Akhanda Yoga, and has since completed more than 600 hours of Akhanda Yoga Teacher Trainings and Yoga Life Coaching. Witnessing the incredible transformations that occur in her students with AY motivates her […]