Welcome to Anand Prakash Yoga Ashram in Rishikesh, India

Anand Prakash Yoga Ashram is the hub for Akhanda Yoga Institute and your home for the authentic study and practise of Yoga in India. The ashram is located in Rishikesh, the world capital of Yoga, and offers you the chance to recharge in a spiritual community founded by Yogrishi Vishvketu.

Who is Yogrishi Vishvketu and what is Akhanda Yoga?

Yogrishi Vishvketu (Vishva-ji ) is a world-renowned Yoga teacher trainer. He grew up in a village in India, spending many years immersed in the Himalayan Yogic tradition. In 2000 he received his PhD in Yoga.

Vishva-ji is the founder of Akhanda Yoga. He has practised Yoga for more than 40 years and has guided more than 4,000 students through Akhanda Yoga teacher training programs.

What is a Yoga Ashram?

What is the definition of an ashram? An ashram is a soulful sanctuary, a place dedicated to self-care, meditation, and spiritual practice.

An ashram is a place for self-healing and for finding inner peace. Guests can stay for a weekend wellness break, a two-week Yoga retreat, for Yoga Teacher Training, or for an extended stay and a program tailored to you.

No matter what length of time you stay, you will benefit from authentic Yoga teachings, daily practice, instruction in meditation and pranayama, a healthy Yogic diet, a safe space, and a community that supports self-healing and recovery from chronic stress.

An ashram is a space to align all layers of your being, physical, emotional, and spiritual.

“The journey begins with saying YES to your self.”

Yogrishi Vishvketu

Yoga retreats for everyone

Both Anand Prakash Yoga Ashram and our Jungle Yoga Retreat are available for healthy breaks, Yoga retreats, and work-cations. You can stay for a weekend, a month, or longer. It’s up to you.

We can also customize a Yoga retreat that includes Ayurveda treatments, available from recommended practitioners in Rishikesh. Even if you are not staying at the ashram, you can purchase day passes, class passes, and meal passes for both short term and long term use.

Our affordable retreats include Weekend Wellness Break, Six-Day Detox, and a two-week Retreat, Realign, Recharge program. You will benefit from a peaceful community and a safe space dedicated to your wellbeing and self-healing.

Our schedule of Yoga classes, events, and workshops

Anand Prakash Yoga Ashram is a vibrant spiritual community in Rishikesh, India and an ideal place to immerse in the study and practise of authentic Yoga. Here you can attend daily Yoga classes, and take training programs and workshops in asana, pranayama, meditation, and Yogic wisdom.

We also offer Yoga Teacher Training. All guests can also enjoy, and benefit from, daily activities including pranic healing with traditional fire ritual and regular collective sound medicine, plus twice weekly Kirtan.

Even if you are not staying at the Ashram, day passes, class passes, and meal passes are available.

No offerings found.

June 18

Taking place on the beautiful coast of Baja, we will spend 6 days practicing yoga by the beach, chanting kirtan each evening, doing workshops and breathwork classes, being led through guided meditations, and so much more.

October 1

This long-standing Foundations 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training led by Yogrishi Vishvketu, PhD, has empowered thousands of Yoga teachers globally to share authentic, traditional techniques and wisdom of Yoga back to their local and online communities.

October 10


Classical Kundalini Yoga is a unique style of Yoga developed by Yogrishi Vishvketu to initiate students into authentic Tantra Yoga. This 12-day intensive training course (offered in person) offers a profound personal and professional development opportunity.

November 5

This world class advanced 300 hour Akhanda Yoga Teacher training, designed and led by Yogrishi Vishvketu over the course of many years, builds upon the fundamental concepts of yoga and deepens your understanding of the true anatomy of yoga as conceived in its birthplace thousands of years ago.

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What can I expect at Anand Prakash Yoga Ashram?

When you stay at the Anand Prakash Yoga Ashram, you can participate in Ashram activities including Yoga classes, workshops, daily pranic healing with traditional fire ritual, regular collective sound medicine, twice weekly Kirtan and more.

Here we offer all aspects of Yoga including pranayama, meditation, spiritual wisdom, and traditional ritual — click here to learn more about Akhanda Yoga.

Family and single rooms are available, space for self-practice, plus workshops, training programs, and detox programs. You will have a simple room with an attached bath, and access to a library, sitting rooms, a garden, and rooftop terrace, plus space for self practice.

At the Ashram, you will be expected to follow the simple rules, and you will benefit from the chance to detox, recharge, and rejuvenate. You can also join Ashram events and workshops, and explore Rishikesh and the surrounding region.

An ashram gives you space to connect to your true nature — which is fearless, expansive, joyful and playful.

Yogrishi Vishvketu

Jungle Yoga Retreat

The Jungle Yoga Retreat is about 30 kilometres outside of Rishikesh, peacefully located among pristine forests, rolling hills, and a meandering river. A simple lifestyle and quiet environment allows seekers the opportunity to deepen their spiritual practice in the authentic Yogic tradition of solitude in the Himalaya.

Rishikesh, Yoga capital of the world

Anand Prakash Yoga Ashram is located in Tapovan, Rishikesh, on the banks of the Ganga River, surrounded by the foothills of the Himalaya. Rishikesh is an ancient spiritual centre in North India where seekers and Yogis have gathered for centuries.

Today, Rishikesh is a vibrant community of Yoga students, spiritual seekers, adventure travellers, and Hindu pilgrims. With white sand beaches, temples, cafés and a market of Yoga wares, such as cotton clothing, singing bowls, malas, and gemstones, Rishikesh is a world meeting place.

In the evening, the wind picks up and brings fresh Prana from the glaciers of the Himalayas, and many people find the energy here exhilarating and yet grounded in tradition. Organic stores, fresh produce, temples, and the Ganga River are within walking distance.

Rishikesh is also surrounded by scenic landscapes, waterfalls, hiking trails, and meditation caves, and the holy city of Haridwar is less than 30 kilometres. We can help arrange day tours and transportation to nearby places of interest.

A Guide to Visiting Anand Prakash Yoga Ashram

• 5:20-5:50am – Guided Meditation

• 6:00-7:30am – Yoga Class: asana, pranayama, mantra and meditation

• 7:50am – Agnihotra (fire puja)

• 8:30-9:00am – Breakfast

• 12:30pm – Lunch

• 4:00-5:30pm – Yoga Class: asana, pranayama, mantra and meditation (not on Sunday)

• 6:00pm – Dinner

• 7:00-8:00pm – Kirtan / Chanting (Tuesday & Thursday)

• The silent time is between 9 pm and 9 am daily.

Ashram stay :
The charge to stay in the ashram is 2400 INR + tax per Night per Person for a shared room which includes Accommodation, two yoga classes (except Sunday evening), three sattvic vegetarian meals per day, Guided Meditation, Vedic hawan (Fire Pooja) and Kirtans (Every Tuesday and Thursday).

The Private room is available for 4000 INR + TAX per Night Per Person, which includes same items as above.

A/C is available in selected rooms for an additional fee of 500 INR per room per night.

Akhanda Day Pass:
1300 INR per person per night + tax  which includes twice daily yoga classes (except Sunday), 3 sattvic Vegetarian meals, daily Fire Puja, morning meditation and Kirtans(Tues and Thurs).

No charge for children under Age 05. Parents are encouraged to make a donation for food based on what they think is reasonable.

Yoga Class Fees : 
Yoga classes are open to the public on a drop-in basis:

Morning yoga with Yogrishi Vishvketu (when in residence): 500 INR
Morning yoga: 300 INR
Evening yoga: 300 INR

Meals :
If you wish to eat in the ashram our per meal is 250 INR per person.

  • The principal activity of the ashram is to train and provide guidance in the practice of Akhanda Yoga, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Guests (Sadhaks) are asked to remember this is an Ashram and not a general hotel accommodation, guesthouse or vacation stay.
  • Culturally respectful clothing must be worn in all common areas at all times. no tank-tops, shorts or clothes that expose the midriff, chest, back or legs. We recommend that you avoid wearing tight clothing both for the full benefit of the practices. This dress code applies to all genders and is a sign of respect for the local culture.
  • Sadhaks must be back on the premises before – 09:30 pm. The Ashram is a silent space between 9 pm and 9 am daily.
  • This is an organic, well-being, self-healing environment. Smoking, consumption of alcohol, meat, or any other kind of intoxicant is not permitted.

The safety and wellbeing of our guests is of utmost importance to us. The Ashram is self-contained and we have trusted staff and security guards on duty at all times (the Ashram is locked at night). A dedicated front office and 24-hour on-site staff are available to make your stay comfortable and to offer any assistance needed including medical. Your personal space is respected at all times.

Guests stay in neat, shared double rooms with two single beds and bedding appropriate to each season. Guest rooms all have night tables and shelves as well as an attached bathroom with hot water, shower head, and a western toilet. Most rooms also have a balcony or shared terrace.

The Private rooms are also available and select rooms also have A/C.

The Ashram provides three freshly cooked Sattvic vegetarian meals a day complete with Gluten Free and Vegan options. The menu varies daily and includes organic foods sourced from the Ashram farm. Breakfast includes Ayurvedic herbal tea, homemade muesli, porridge, parantha, or fruit samosas, and fruits. Lunch and dinner often consist of dal (beans), vegetables (pumpkin, carrot, cauliflower, peas, spinach), rice and chapati. A healthy kitchari is also served to support detoxification.

The Anand Prakash Yoga Ashram is located in Tapovan, Rishikesh. It can be found on Google maps. It is just off the main road that runs through Rishikesh. The Jungle Yoga Retreat is 30 kilometres from Rishikesh and takes about an hour to drive. Rishikesh is just 30 kilometres from Haridwar, one of India’s most sacred cities.

The closest international airport is Delhi, India, which is a six-hour drive from Rishikesh. From Delhi, you can take a flight to Dehradun (35 minute drive from Rishikesh), train to Haridwar (a one-hour drive from Rishikesh), or a taxi from Delhi.

India is a vast nation of 1.3 billion people, the seventh largest country on earth, and home to one of the most ancient cultures. We will help you navigate your journey to India, and within India, when you book your stay with us. Our friend Mariellen of Breathedreamgo offers useful and insightful information about travel in India on her blog and she suggests checking out these posts. First up, you need a Visa for India. You may want to know what to wear in India. And you may want to read books about India or watch some movies about India while you get ready to go.

Bring your personal Yoga mat, reusable water bottle, towels, toiletries and medicines, indoor shoes and/or flip flops, and clothing layers depending on the season. Bedding, a thali for meals, and Yoga props will all be supplied. It can get very cold from mid November to late February and very hot from April to September.

To respect the local culture, the Ashram has a dress code. Shoulders should be covered – no tank tops or singlets. Please avoid shorts and tight leggings. White clothes are traditional, a shawl or scarf is useful. Loose, cotton clothing is ideal for Yoga.

Yes, we have both, and many other amenities to help make your stay comfortable.

Visit us to relax, recharge, and rejuvenate!

What are the people saying?

Akhanda institute is a beautiful place to learn an authentic Yoga. The Yoga Master, Yogrishi and his team are just amazing. Very knowledgeable and always present for any of their students. I now feel part of a wonderful yoga family. Thank you very much for everything. I’m really grateful and feel privileged for all the knowledge you passed on to me.`

Jasmine Connery; YTT Student

My deepest gratitude to the whole Akhanda Yoga family! These trainings have carried me through my deepest transformations and introduced my to so much knowledge and experiences that are hard to put into words. I cannot recommend any of the trainings here enough and I will continue spreading the word. Thank you and I am looking forward to future trainings with Akhanda!

Daniela Schmitt; YTT Student

To all of the organizers of this event a big and resounding CONGRATULATIONS and well done. If anyone had ever told me that through ZOOM I could be enraptured by kirtan sitting in my yoga room I would frankly have found that difficult to contemplate. However that Zoom kirtan was a highlight of my Zoom experiences. I had the energy of everyone’s’ participation in my yoga room.

Thanks for this reminder of the pure joy of kirtan and COMMUNITY. How fortunate we are to have the AY Family.

A big thank you to you Vishva-ji for holding us together and being a beacon of light to many. 

Attendee of Virtual NYE Retreat

Thank you to all the Akhanda Team for a simply wonderful zoom session on New Year’s Eve.  My husband and I enjoyed it so so much!  All the talented people who shared Kirtan with us all and all the interesting offerings which were so inspiring.  So much light and joy! I have watched it twice again since then.  I was particularly fascinated by the Jyotish session with Vish Chatterji – all very inspiring.

Attendee of Virtual NYE Retreat

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