I’d like to put a new spin on the new year by talking about nurturing the energy, the crystallized form of what we want to bring forth this year! What we place our attention on grows stronger! Take a few moments now to reflect on what you are going to feed in 2018.

Many of us have a strong Pitta constitution – and everyone has some Pitta. Generally this means abundant Tejas, which comes with an aptitude for envisioning, seeing clearly and being able to see where and how well-placed and timed actions can lead and stepping into them with radiance! You can tap into the vital essence of Tejas by gazing at a candle flame or a fire and feeling its radiant energy on your face. And it is a perfect season for that!

In these early days of 2018, light a candle or hunker down in front of your fireplace and a piece of paper and draw a triangle. At the points of the triangle try to describe the energy or attribute of what you would like to feed and grow this year. You may start with an abstract word or emotion. Once you have three, flush out actions, activities or areas of your life where this may be brought to fruition. How are these three related? What activities that are truly ‘you’ relate to one or several of your desired energy states. How do they cross-fertilize each other? Draw or sense an image or symbol of what each three parts of this map mean to you and what it will look like and be like to fully embrace them. You may wish to chant:

Om Tejo-asi Tejo-mayi Dehi!

You are the embodiment of Radiance!