As we approach the beginning of a new decade, it is a great time to really hunker down into some hard-core visioning. Yogrishi Vishvketu talks often about making sankalpas (setting intentions). We do it at the beginning of each YTT. We set personal sankalpas for our practice and for our lives. Trying to envision where you want to go makes it more likely that you’ll get there. Not setting or revisiting our intentions means we’re tapping around in the mist. We’re taking routes and then circling back and starting other paths without finishing anything. Going with the flow means you’re open to what life has to offer, but if you flow WITH an intention, you’re setting the course, but remaining open to magic and miracles on the way there.

There are three aspects to using Sankalpas:

  1. Identifying the vision.
  2. Setting practical, achievable goals toward getting there.
  3. Checking in regularly with the vision and holding yourself to daily and weekly steps.

Today let’s look at identifying the vision for our intentions for one year. In the coming weeks, we’ll look at stretching this vision ahead five and ten years! And we’ll give tips for steps two and three, which are vital to keeping your vision going!

Identifying the Vision

What is your vision? What has been a secret goal you’re shy to even tell people about?

Is there a dream you have that seems immediate? What would be a great focus of your attention for this year? If you did not focus on this now, it would get pushed aside in a way that makes you feel you’d have lost the thread of something worthwhile that you’d already laid much groundwork for.

Get sensual with the vision.

  • How do you look as you’re doing or have done what you intend?
  • What are you holding?
  • Where are you?
  • What does it smell like?

Sketch this vision out or write a mind map of words related to this vision surrounding the central circle word: 2020

Even better, get out some magazines and paste pictures and words on one side of a Bristol board that represent your vision in an attractive, fun poster you can tack to your wall.

More on Practical Steps and Check-ins soon.

Embracing Wholeness for the New Year at Kripalu

Are you looking for a way to celebrate the New Year with awareness and intention? Yogrishi will be at Kripalu Center again this New Year hosting a retreat to inspire Ancestral Healing and Embracing Wholeness. The program will include

  • A special Vedic water ceremony to heal ancestral blueprints
  • Inquiries into what you carry with you from your ancestors
  • Four Akhanda Yoga classes
  • An extended pranayama practice to expand your energetic being
  • Sounding and Vedic mantra to clear the mind and release stress on a cellular level
  • A restorative yoga nidra practice to tap into intuition and establish fresh intentions for your life.

When: January 1 – 3, 2020

Register now!

Intention Setting and Akhanda Yoga at Jaya in Toronto

Let’s welcome the new decade!! The New Year is a great time to clear outmoded patterns and set new intentions for your way forward! Join Yogrishi Vishvketu for an inspiring 2 ½-hour workshop at Jaya Yoga to herald in the New Year!

This program will include

  • Intention visioning session
  • Akhanda Yoga class
  • Intention meditation
  • Yoga Nidra

When: Saturday December 28, 2 – 4:30PM

Register soon at

Yogrishi looks forward to spending the sacred New Year time with you.

[Photos by: Shama Photographie]