We have crossed to the farther bank of this darkness;

radiant Dawn spreads her webs.

Smiling like a lover who wishes to win his way back,

she shines forth and with her lovely face awakens us to happiness.

 (The Rig Veda Translated by Wendy Doniger, p. 180).

Have you ever taken stock and realized you hadn’t seen a sunrise or taken time to marvel at it even if you were awake?

The early Yoga of the Vedas brings the miraculous in every Dawn into high focus, placing importance on our admiration, gratitude and honouring of forces like the first rays of the sun as they pierce the horizon.

In the Rig Veda, we are invited to experience reverence for the primordial elements. And yet at the same time, the stunning and sensual imagery relate to very embodied experiences.

The Dawn is a dancing girl, daughter of the sky, adorned in bright ornaments. The Dawn is an uncovered breast.

If you allow the verses in, you’ll never look at the curve of the solar sphere as it swells above the horizon in quite the same way again. It is the life-giving light, but also our approach to beauty and celebration that ‘awaken us to happiness’. The universe is a miracle and we’re a part of it.

Let’s lean into the poetry of life. Take time for reverence, for honouring its manifestations. The dawn and the sunset bookend the day. They are times when for a few moments everything seems to slow, even the birds stop chirping to commemorate the moment.

As spring slowly begins to emerge, let’s cross over to the farther bank and be awakened to happiness!

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