Honouring the long history of Yoga and all of its many techniques and wisdom teachings has always seemed very important to me. If we don’t inquire about the various eras and perspectives, the different schools of Yoga thought, for one, we can misunderstand that Yoga is one particular way of looking at the universe and our role in it. In fact, there is amazing pluralism within the broader Yoga tradition. It really reduces the benefits of Yoga if we see it as only posture, or as a meditative process that does not necessitate posture. Asana is at the core of a whole transformative art that addresses all layers of being — it helps to balance the elements within the body and align the solar and lunar energy flows as well as the five pranas that coordinate how prana is distributed and used in the body.

I’m excited to share with you my article, hot off the press on the Yoga in India blog, that explores just this recalling of the forgotten history of asana.

Yoga Postures: A Forgotten History

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Sneak Peak at Online Course on Vedic Wisdom 

My passion for Yoga history and its schools of wisdom was ignited during my many yearly visits to Rishikesh and to the Ashram where we practice Agni Hotra, the fire ritual, every day. I attended talks with Dr. David Frawley when he spoke about Agni (radiant energy) for several hours in a row, and I got the sense that it was just the tip of the iceberg. I became curious about how to integrate early Vedic practices into contemporary life and how the pro-social and life-affirming messages of the Vedas could be traced through the following eras. As a poet, Upanishadic verses captured an esoteric magic that I leaned into during meditation and energy practices.

I am so excited that online courses may be a great way for me to share my deep engagement with Vedic and Upanishadic wisdom. I have really wanted to offer teaching that is accessible to those of you who may be caring for children or ageing parents and not be able to get to retreats as often, and / or who simply come home from an intensive wanting more! The course launch is on its way later this fall and while you’re waiting, please join me in an Ancestral Healing Water Puja for both the maternal and paternal lines!

Vedic Water Ritual for Ancestral Healing

I look forward to joining you in this virtual experience. I hope my love and blessings reach you through Cyberspace.

Om Shanti,