Akhanda Yoga Teacher Darsha / Catrin shares with us her healing journey:

As I lay there in the ambulance looking up through the sky light it felt like I was drifting off, slipping away to somewhere else, somewhere peaceful, safe, comfortable. I wasn’t afraid. As the ambulance with its blue light screaming ‘get out of the way’ came through a tunnel, something banged so heavily on the roof, like this huge noise, a heavy weight, and it jolted me straight back into my body. It wasn’t my time to die.

I have spent the last 2 and a half years healing my mind, body and soul. It hasn’t been easy, plus there was the added complication of being diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension (right sided heart failure) as well as a blood cancer. We all have different paths in life, different choices and this one is mine. I did all I could and continue to do all that I can to heal, to cleanse, to restore, to find balance, connection, love, forgiveness. Akhanda means Indivisible, Whole and Complete – this works for me. I also received Western medicine, Journey Process work with Bet Diening-Wetherston, gong therapy, reflexology, reiki, and so much more from Yog Sundari/ Julia Anastasiou who is my Yoga teacher and healer.

Today, there is no trace of cancer in my blood and my heart has healed completely. I am a qualified Akhanda Yoga Teacher, taught by Yog Sundari and Yogrishi Vishvketu, and an Accredited Journey Practitioner, taught by Brandon Bays. I carry all that I’ve learned in my body, and I am so deeply grateful for the work that Yogrishi Vishvketu brings and shares with the world. I try to share what I’ve learned and continue to learn on and off the mat. It’s a constant ‘work in progress’; I get things wrong and that’s ok. This allows getting things right to feel ok too.

Akhanda Yoga guides me into the place, space where pure joy, bliss, love, peace, connection, and stillness reside. It is this that I try to bring in to my daily practice for myself and then to share with others.

Sat Chit Anand

Darsha / Catrin