Summer is a great time to take pause and restore yourself for the busy fall ahead. In our wired, modern world, it is not easy to step away from the notifications and calls. So, relaxation has to be a priority; self care and self nurturance are crucial to the building of Ojas, that unctuous continence that stabilizes our energy and keeps us grounded and blossoming forth. There are certain aromas that are great for pacifying the scattered feeling of Vata, and building Ojas and a good quality of Prana – the summer flowers of lavender, rose and geranium.

Yogrishi (Vishva-ji) and the family went to a lavender farm last week. The air was fresh and charged with fragrance. He often reminds us in his classes:

“This body is owned by nature, you are just borrowing it. Every breath syncs you with nature, allows you to communicate with the universe. When you lose this sense of connection, you feel tired and adrift. When connected, you’re whole, nurtured and fuelled, and nothing seems impossible.”

There is an easy elegance to nature – nowhere to be, nothing to become. Life is just experienced moment to moment. If you feel burdened by the stresses of life, drop them like a stone and bask for a time in that simple grace.