Every midwife knows
That not until a mother’s womb
Softens from the pain of labor
Will a way unfold and the infant
Be born.
Oh friend!
There is a treasure in your heart,
It is heavy with child.
All the awakened ones,
Like trusted midwife are saying
Welcome this pain.
It opens the dark passage of Grace.
~ Rumi

Akhanda Prenatal Yoga Trainer, Usha Anandi:

If we want to change the world, we must start with the way babies are born.

I believe the practice of Prenatal Yoga is one of the most revolutionary tools to create change in the world.

After years of working as a childbirth educator and full-spectrum doula, I’ve witnessed first hand the incredible courage that exists within every Mother. Yet, our modern birth environment is so riddled with fear that many women never have the chance to unearth and discover their inner wisdom –– Prenatal Yoga is the space where they can find it.

Mothers deserve a practice that will not only strengthen their body in preparation for birth, but fortify their mind, and spirit as well as they pass through the initiation into Motherhood. This is why I feel so inspired to offer the first comprehensive 100-Hour Akhanda Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training at the Ashram this fall.

This 10-day immersive training will be a beautiful blend of the ancient, holistic practice of Akhanda with modern researched-based methods for supporting Mothers through pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

We have a few spaces left for the October 27 – November 7 session at the Ashram.

To learn more about the Akhanda Prenatal YTT 100, follow this link.