The Akhanda Yoga Teacher training course is one of the best kept secrets.If you have stumbled upon this gem and reading this review and considering whether you should sign up, I say its a must do! If you feel that doing this virtually takes away from the experience of teaching and learning yoga consider that these are changing times and having the skill of teaching online is certainly one that is needed as we move into a new era. Yes going to the ashram and being immersed in the culture and lifestyle and energy does have its value but this experience brought yoga off the mat for me as I had to manage everyday life, practicing like a yogini while still being on the course. I’ve learned and continue to learn balance in the happening of life. Being a virtual format Yogrishi Vishvketuji was able to bring a variety of experts in the field with regards to yogic wisdom, meditation, Ayurveda, anatomy which might not have been possible at the ashram A big Thank you to the Akhanda family for their dedication, energy, innovation and commitment to sharing this ancient wisdom in its true classical form. Not forgetting Yogrishi’s infectious laugh and stories make this course come alive.