Akhanda yoga is a true yoga ashram/school in all respects. From the moment the morning bell rings at 5 am to silent time at 9 pm you are living the life of a yogi – meditation, asanas, fire puja, sattvic meals, training, learning, Kirtan, Satsang. Teaching asanas is not complicated – but to provide an authentic experience that can change your life is something special and magical.

I arrived with 29 other strangers and left with a new family. Everyone there, from Vishvi-ji, to the teaching staff (who were excellent – Ila Devi and Krishna Mukti were my teachers when Vishvi-Ji was not leading), to the assistants and Ashram staff – everyone is there to support you on your journey. Emphasis is on learning the true nature of yoga, rather than the Western-style where is more physical. If you want to see their classes I highly encourage you to take some of their classes online to see for yourself. Metta