Akhanda Yoga/World Conscious Yoga Family offers the most complete, well-planned, perfectly executed program. It is full of intention, thought, care, and love. They beautifully facilitate a strong group environment while encouraging personal growth.

There are hundreds, possibly thousands, of places to train in India but you won’t find a better program. The Akhanda approach is real, it’s whole and complete, it draws upon the many ancient practices of yoga to give you full, well-rounded training and experience. It goes far beyond just learning techniques and information to teach classes, it’s training that has you dive deep into your soul (if you are willing to do so).

The teachers are all so incredible, knowledgeable, and helpful. We were always taken care of no matter what was occurring. The team is so supportive and I always felt very comfortable coming to them with any problems and also felt every held and taken care of. Thank you Akhanda Yoga/World Conscious Yoga Family for changing my life!!