This is my second stay at the ashram and i have returned for a reason. The ashram and its facilities are second to none. The rooms are clean and the shower is hot if needed, although i’ve been taking cold shower due to the heat and humidity. Some of the rooms are fitted with AC but i dont need that kind of luxury.

The food is absolutely amazing! Cooked according to the vedic lifestyle, no onions nor garlic but they manage to whip out some incredible food! If you have any food allergies or special diet eg. vegan, gluten free etc. they will cater for your needs.

The yoga classes are well structured and the instructors are easy to follow even for a beginner like myself. Read a previous review about her negative experience but i can assure the future visitor that the yoga classes are authentic and traditional. Yin or any other form of yoga can be found in Rishikesh but the ashram has its own values and sticks with hatha yoga, the original source of all other yoga. If you wish to explore other classes in town during your stay the ashram will never try say not to go.

Love the classes, the chanting, the breathwork and meditation part of it!

The town has gone through some major changes over the last two years since i’ve been here. Constructions are all over the town. Naturally this ashram has to keep up with the demand so maintenance and expansion works are unavoidable. The summer being hot, rainy and humid and not as busy with bookings is the best time to do these works and if someone comes at that time its bad luck. I had the same email about the work being carried out at the time of my stay. This email also said because of the inconvenience i’ll be given a discount! I think this is fair!

The staff is very friendly if you make the first attempt. They will not invade your privacy otherwise. But me being easygoing i have a fantastic relationship with them. Hence feeling like coming home to my indian family! Having previously built a friendship with them it truly feels like home.

All in all, can’t recommend this place highly enough!
A home away from home!

Hari Om!