Amazing! Guru Vishva-ji is a master yoga teacher. I have done over 900 hours of YTTs and I have learned more from him than from any other teacher I’ve studied with. I recently completed the virtual Pranayama Foundations 100 hour YTT and it has transformed my own practice as well as my teaching. His teaching method is highly experiential so the student has the opportunity to feel the practice in body, mind, breath and soul. Four years ago I was lucky enough to travel to Rishikesh and spend a little time in an ashram. By pure chance I ended up at Akhanda Yoga Ashram and in that time I fell in love with Vishva-ji’s teaching style that is rooted in generations of wisdom from the Adi Nath Shiva lineage. This is true, unfiltered and well-preserved yoga. I am so grateful that I have found my forever teacher and as Akhanda Yoga has moved into the virtual realm of trainings it makes practicing with Guru Vishva-ji very accessible. Thank you!