I’ve been wanting to participate in Akhanda Yoga’s 200 YTT for years but was never able to take a whole month off of work to travel to India. One of the biggest upsides of 2020 is that so many training moved online and, needless to say, the Akhanda Yoga team managed the transition to the online setting incredibly well. All of the weekend hours of the program are live, virtual contact hours. I was thrilled to be a part of the first virtual 200 YTT. Vishva-Ji is giving great, individual advice on how to adapt postures and I was very surprised by how well that worked virtually. I fell in love with our group on day one and would have never thought to be able to connect with so many beautiful souls without ever having met them in person. Thus, I am eternally grateful for this transformational experience and this certainly wasn’t the last Akhanda Yoga training I participated in!