Almost exactly a year ago, I came across the Ashram and signed up for the 200 YTT program in February 2020. Although at the beginning it was a bit unusual for me to have to share the room with a stranger (I could have taken a single room too), to eat on the ground (vegetarian food) and to wake up every day (also on weekends) at 04:45 (partly at very low temperatures, in the dark) in the morning, it was the best thing that could happen to me. The stranger is now a lovely friend and has a fixed place in my heart and I have become part of a wonderful family – the Akhanda family. The Ashram is very well maintained, the staff is very busy and friendly, and without their efforts and kindness, the stay would not have been so nice at it was. Our teachers were unique. Apart from the fact that you could remember the material very easily, because they taught it very well (and it was a lot of learning material), they were very nice and loving. They were there for us students outside of class and always had a smile on their lips. Special thanks to Vishva-Ji (our guru) who has the ability to convey traditional yoga in a modern and vivid way. He has also succeeded in unifying both worlds – the “Indian” and the “Western” worlds. He is one of the wisest and most interesting people I have met on my path so far. And of course he is really funny! I am very grateful to be a part of this great family/community and can only recommend the Ashram to anyone who wants to break out of their comfort zone. You just need a little courage and you need to listen to your heart, then you find the way to the Ashram and to yourself.