After a long winter and wet spring – the fresh abundance of summer: tulips season has shifted into the sweet time of flowering trees, lilac and apple. Phlox and thyme moss decorate rockeries. And for us it is a time to receive, savour and enjoy the ephemeral season. Sometimes we find it actually easier to muster the tapas and discipline to build heat and stamina for winter. This may manifest as over working the garden in spring, but having a hard time to just pull up a lawn chair and take it all in. And so, the discipline for this weekend:

  • Stop to admire a manifestation of nature for at least three deep, slow breaths any time the floral abundance alerts you.
    • Gaze into the details at a micro level;
    • Delight in the aroma, rubbing your hand through a lavender bush in passing;
    • Feel the soft green of leaves or fresh needles;
    • Walk in the grass or on earth without your shoes;
    • Pluck a honeysuckle, a basil or mint leaf and savour its sweetness.