Did you know that Garlic is very high in FODMAPs – a type of fruit/vegetable sweetness that can be challenging for people with IBS or bacterial overgrowth? And garlic is also not considered sattvic according to the principles of yogic eating. And so, in our house, after a challenge with chronic pain and digestive issues, we’ve been exploring gluten-free, mostly vegan dishes that include fewer FODMAPs in combination. Of course, chick peas and beet are moderate sources of FODMAP, but this beet hummus creation with goat cheese is so incredibly flavourful and nutritious, it was a hit and worked for everyone in our house!


2 beets

1/2 can of chickpeas rinsed well

3 TBSP goat cheese

5 tsp olive oil

Half a Lime

Salt, Thyme, Sage and Cumin powder to taste

Peel and cut raw beets so they will work in your blender. Rinse and peel skin off chickpeas. Add lime, goat cheese, spice and oil and blend until creamy. Enjoy on seed crackers, or on cucumber and carrot sticks!

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