Ancestral Healing: Embracing Wholeness for the New Year at Kripalu Center

With Yogrishi Vishvketu

January 1 - 4, 2019
Kripalu Center
Join Himalayan yoga master Yogrishi Vishvketu (Vishva-ji) at the esteemed Kripalu Center! Vishva-ji is thrilled to be offering this special journey celebrating and healing ancestral blueprints that live on in you today. Release limiting beliefs and patterns and bring forth gratitude as you uncover and step into the unique gifts you are carrying forward for the communities of tomorrow.

Inner Reprogramming for the New Year: Clear Stress and Heal Ancestral Blueprints; London, UK

With Yogrishi Vishvketu and Yog Sundari (Julia Anastasiou)

January 26 - 27, 2019
Laban Creekside
Join us for our bi-annual weekend intensive coordinated by Yog Sundari Julia Anastasiou in London! Yogrishi Vishvketu (Vishva-ji) will guide you through a journey with postures, pranayama, chanting, meditation and satsang. The theme  of the weekend will be how to live and create consciously, the power of manifesting. To skillfully move into the future, we begin with yoga and rituals to heal the ancestral line. Next, we clear deep stress and reboot the entire system. For this, Vishva-ji developed to profound class styles: Inner Reprogramming and Hatha-Raja. These help you to slow down, align the mind, body and breath and enter a more…