The rushing water from ice melt creates rivulets down the sidewalks, and the smell of damp earth signals the beginning of a new season, a season of growth. We can use the smells and sounds of spring as a meditation on the ongoing creation of which we are a part. Often we think of ourselves as finite begins with a beginning and an end. Just as we think of the infinity of consciousness often in the abstract. Spring is a perfect time to flip both of those thoughts on their head – to see ourselves as a part of a larger, continuing chain of nature – consciousness made manifest in an ongoing Prakriti. And we can step into this type of reflection just by taking the time to witness the yearly return of spring.

This week:

Savour Smells and Sounds of Spring

Notice the smells of the earth, new buds or blossoms or the grass waking up under the compost or last fall’s leaves. And experience how the moisture in the air helps to carry these smells on the air. Appreciation of this process of nature is a powerful meditation.

Notice the sound of the ice cracking or rushing with rivulets. Enjoy the sound of the birds in the sun. Harken after the few remaining oak leaves twirling in the wind. Paying close attention to sounds is a doorway to the boundless energies of creation.

In the Radiance Sutras, we see this aspect of creation come through the translation of the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra Sutra 91.

Listen to the Inner Sound

The one that you rode outward

Into this life

Into this manifestation of yourself.

Savour the sound of h h h a a a….

Softly continuing, resonation through

All the nerves of your body, permeating

Expanding everywhere

Know this as the sound of ongoing creation. (Lorin Roche, p. 103).