In Fall, the start of the school year, our year of activity, we can get the impression of being evaluated by how much we accomplish and how notably. Even before one project has been completed, we’re on to the next. And what to say of actually savouring those accomplishments when we do. Since there is no gap, acknowledgement falls through the cracks. When we miss this step, the satisfying conclusion of something, it fuels even more the sense of never doing enough. Never being enough.

I think this dynamic is a large part of what brings us to Yoga. For the pause, the suspension of approval or non-approval related to doing, the savouring of the richness and texture of each moment, the appreciation of just being.

Verse 62 of the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra is translated by Daniel Odier as:

Just as you get the impulse to do something, stop. Then, being no more in the preceding impulse nor in the following one, realization blossoms intensely. (VBT: 62)

In the Radiance Sutras of Lorin Roche, we see this as:

Cast aside the ten thousand things and love only one. Don’t go on to another. (p. 74)

This ability to take respite can manifest in micro-moments, as we see above, but also in larger moments and then in significant moments in our life’s arc. If we practice savouring each step – being fully present to the parts of the foot as they make contact with the earth, the air on the skin, the breath as it streams up the bridge of the nose – then we can fully appreciate ourselves a beings not separate from the dynamic energy of the universe. We are intrinsically enough.

For me, this connects with Verse 46:

Forget all your ideas about the body. It is this way or it is that way. Just be with any area of it, this present body, as permeated with limitless space, drenched in freedom. (Radiance Sutras p. 58).

If we can focus in on the one small spot, toggle awareness and you’re in the infinite whole.

One micro-moment, and you matrix with an infinity of fullness, texture, richness, satiety.

One project coming to completion in this exact moment, mark it, and you link with a chain of small daily moments of joy, completeness, radiance. You resonate with satisfaction that welcomes appreciation but needs no approval.