YTT 100 Pranayama Masters (Breathwork Expert) Training Program

Begins on October 30th, see detailed schedule below

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Welcoming this unique offering to support your lifelong journey of Self-discovery and Self-mastery using Pranayama techniques and ancient wisdom from the Adi Nath Shiva lineage – under the guidance of Himalayan Master and Nath Yogi, Yogrishi Vishvketu. This well-paced, flexible, virtual 100 hour Pranayama teacher training will empower you with authentic knowledge, advanced techniques and expert breathwork teaching skills, to confidently guide customised breathwork practices for individual, specific needs.

This advanced pranayama program will take participants deeper and further on their spiritual journey as well as explore ayurvedic lifestyle practices which support a committed practice of pranayama. Students will create pranayama sequences within a strong framework of wisdom from ancient practices, exploring philosophy from key Adi Nath Shiva lineage texts such as Hatha Yoga Prathipika and Gheranda Samhita. They will explore how different dosha types, timings of day, climate and seasons are taken into consideration in a more committed, advanced practice of pranayama. Traditional techniques and unique Kriyas will be utilised to purify, align and expand the body, mind and soul for your highest wellbeing during this once in a lifetime opportunity!

Dive Even Deeper in Authentic Pranayama Techniques!

Make the most of this present moment with this limited time opportunity to undertake this pranayama training online!

  • Students will explore deeper aspects of the way Ayurveda and pranayama practices interact to create variation in individual needs.
  • Authentic wisdom, advanced techniques and teaching skills to deepen and extend foundational pranayama courses. Discounted pricing available for those undertaking both foundational and extension masters programs;
  • Programs incorporating an in depth exploration of classical techniques and philosophy as passed down through the Nath lineage; 
  • Study in an accessible, flexible, virtual format with this pranayama training online, at a 300 hour level using Yoga Alliance’s limited time virtual course exemption (ending December 2021);
  • Catering to YTT 200 graduates, looking to complete their 300 hour studies or working towards becoming a 1000 hour designation. 
  • Equipping graduates to confidently teach artful, balanced sequences in specialist themes.
  • Whilst attendance requirements must be met in line with Yoga Alliance standards, recordings will be made available for participants who cannot attend two to four sessions due to unavoidable circumstances. Please do let us know any sessions you will not be able to attend prior to registration
Pranayama Training Online
  • Pranayama ~ In Depth Explorations of the History & Philosophy of Pranayama
  • Techniques ~ Detailed study of key traditional pranayamas, bandhas and mudras
  • Yogic Wisdom ~ Supporting spiritual expansion with an aptitude for individual circumstances
  • Ayurveda ~  Food and Ayurvedic Constitution for Self-Healing
  • The Anatomy of the Breath ~ Exploring Physiological and Energy Systems behind Pranic Healing
  • Methodology ~ Mastery of teaching skills to support wellbeing and spiritual expansion
  • Dinacharya ~ a lifestyle perspective and holistic toolkit to for sharing wellbeing practices
  • Guest Experts to support the integration of these ancient techniques in your teaching offerings
  • Practicum ~ Teach and get feedback on your technique under the guidance of a Master Teacher Trainer

Weekend Workshop Schedule

Saturdays & Sundays from October 30th – December 12th

6-10:30am PST 

Weekday Short Practice Teaching Block 

Wednesdays, November 3rd to December 15th

6-8am PST

The Pranayama Masters training program is an extension course

which builds upon our YTT 100 Pranayama Foundations (Breathwork Training) Program or our YTT 200 (Pranayama Focus) programs. Students will need to complete all requirements of either one of these courses as a prerequisite to participate in the Pranayama Masters Training Program. 

To support the sharing of authentic wellbeing and allow increased access to this opportunity at a time that it is most needed, discounted pricing will be available to those enrolling in both the foundational pranayama and masters extension course.

Akhanda Yoga is a world renowned registered school for 300 hour YTT trainings. We offer a variety of 100 hour YTT programs, including the above mentioned YTT 100 Pranayama Foundations (Breathwork Training) Program and 100 YTT Pranayama Masters (Breathwork Expert) Training Program, which can be combined to create your own custom specialisation for RYT500 or RYT1000 hour designations. 

Join us to partake in an in-depth exploration of carefully preserved wisdom from the Nath lineage, wisely blended with over 40 years of practical experience with a Master Teacher Trainer!

Course Requirement

Certified 200 hours Yoga Teacher or permission from our Head Trainer

**PRE-REQUISITE** YTT 100 Pranayama Foundations (Breathwork Training) Program


YTT 100 Pranayama Foundations (Breathwork Training) Program and YTT 100 Pranayama Masters (Breathwork Expert) Training Program Combined.

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We are proud to offer scholarship opportunities for this program. Please email our Community Manager, Jot Anant, to apply. (applications are due by June 15th)