When you prefer to eat fewer grains or need a gluten free diet, it can be hard to find quick snacks, desserts or treats that are outside of the wheat ethos of muffins, scones, cookies, pies and cakes. Gluten free alternatives can be dense, dry and not necessarily easier to digest. That’s why we have been experimenting with vegan, nut butter energy balls that are easy to make and don’t require a fancy blender. Since chocolate contains caffeine and is considered rajasic according to yogic principles, we have also swapped in unsweetened carob powder, that has a pleasing cocoa flavour. Carob is rich in fiber, calcium and potassium and is even said to be good for digestion.


½ cup of carob powder

½ cup of Tahini

½ cup of no stir almond butter

½ cup of coconut flakes

½ cup of walnut pieces

How to Prepare:

Use easy-to-clean measuring spoons to doll out into a bowl the walnuts, carob powder, coconut powder, and then the tahini and almond butter. Stir the ingredients first with a spoon and then when mostly mixed, use your hands to roll the batter ball around the bowl to get all of the carob powder blended in. If needed use drops of water to help blend in the final carob.

Next, put some coconut flakes on a large plate. Roll the batter into small round balls and then roll them in the coconut until they are fully coated. Bowls can be kept on a covered plate or glass Tupperware in the fridge so they’re ready when you need a snack to go or even something special to serve after dinner.