How do our family background, culture and our authentic sense of self combine to empower our choices in everyday life? We will explore this and more during festival workshops and classes.

The festival takes place at CAMMAC located on Lake MacDonald in the beautiful Laurentians, just two hours from Ottawa.


Cultivating our True Potential with Yogrishi Vishvketu

How does our karma work to inform our choices in everyday life? We are all born into the world with karmic coding, from our family, background, and culture that informs how we make choices in our lives. If we choose to act in a way that is in alignment with our true nature, then we plant healthy karmic seeds. However, any time we act in contraction, involving the mind, ego, or intellect, our actions create more karmic seeds that will grow into weeds. Surrounded by too many weeds, our original true nature is obscured; it is not able to grow and flourish. In this workshop, Vishva-Ji will explore ways to keep ourselves aligned with our true nature everyday. The tools for this maintenance are our yoga practice, our environment, relationships, and a connection to inspiration. This time spent in dedication to ourselves cultivates the conditions so that our true potential may blossom.

Mindful Choices for Your Unique Constitution – an Ayurvedic Approach to Wellness of Body, Mind, and Spirit with Anne (Daya Anandi) Stubbs

We all have an innate intelligence within our bodies and minds that seeks balance, harmony, and healing. Our natural state is one of optimum health – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. As humans with conscious minds, we possess the power of self-awareness and discrimination, but may not always make the best choices for maintaining balance.

Each one of us is unique in how our own body functions with its particular rhythms and cycles, as well as in our appearance, behaviour, and personality. Our uniqueness is determined by many factors that influence how we think, feel, and behave, and affect the choices we make. Given the power of choice, how do we make the best decisions to support our highest well-being?

With Daya Anandi, we will explore an approach to wellness that considers our unique mind-body constitutions and discuss how knowledge of Ayurveda – the holistic science of optimal health that originated in India thousands of years ago – can empower us to make more mindful choices for our physical, mental and spiritual health through diet, exercise, yoga, meditation, and daily and seasonal routines.

The Power of Choice with Vishwajeet Chatterji

In this Sankalpa (Intention) workshop, Vishwajeet will help participants gain clarity into their true nature and strengths, and how to use those assets to set a powerful intention that will turn goals into reality. The workshop will combine theory and practice, along with discussion of real-world examples, to give you practical tools to get to where you want to go.

Moving with Awareness with Tatiana (Ishwari) Nemchin

Let your heart be your guide as you move to the rhythm of the music and connect with your body’s wisdom. Ishwari creates a conscious dance practice that is a workout for your body and medicine for your soul! Potential side effects: Freedom, joy, energy, discovery + laughter!

Closing Workshop with Yogrishi Vishvketu

How do we maintain our intentions and integrate practices learned into our daily lives? In this workshop we will explore ways to use sankalpa to integrate all you have learned at the Festival. We will investigate the use of contemplation as a tool to continue to align yourself with your true nature when you are back in the real world. The Festival will conclude with a closing ceremony.

For more information or to register, please visit Power of Choice – Akhanda Yoga Festival 2016