As parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents and friends, we are often in a dialogue with our children as we pass on and the children pass up to us traditions, experiences and kernels of wisdom. This all happens when we share time in an open and fluid way, present and joyful with all of what life has to offer. In summer, there can be even more time for these precious moments by the campfire, by the river, in the evening after story-time. Yoga can help us to lean in to these moments. To be open, to listen and also to find ways to integrate ancient and personal traditions in ways that are meaningful and sometimes spontaneous.

Vishva-ji and Taeji Anand are sharing some amazing free time together with family and by the Ganges for sits in nature, and chanting with the kirtan band. Also, offering school uniforms at Sansar Gyaan Pathshala.

Kids donating to Kids at Helping Hands for India

Passing the Torch to our Children

There are so many different ways to chant, and the clapping and movement, as well as the vocal element can really appeal to children of all ages. Even as toddlers, the kids used to clap and beat drums at kirtan gatherings. Ritual can also capture the imagination of kids and tap into their natural connection to symbols. Fire puja with the herb offerings or the offering of candles and flower boats to the river are also really simple and organic ways to engage children in moments of gratitude. Blessing food and expressing gratitude for the bounty of nature and for the farmers is also an immediate and tangible way to engage kids in dialogue about where our food comes from. Finally, Karma Yoga, or social service is often something that tweens begin to ask their family ways to engage in. Food and clothing drives in your area or a day stocking shelves at the food bank may offer the perfect opportunity for Karma Yoga.

Wishing you a wonderful season of sharing interaction with the next generations!