As many of you know, Vishva-ji began his university studies with a scholarship to a renowned Sports College in northern India. For five years he studied all aspects of Yoga and Sport, including Yoga to optimize athletic performance. He worked with other athletes at the college in disciplines ranging from Cricket to Wrestling. After coming to Canada, he has occasionally worked privately with runners and free-divers who wanted to expand their lung capacity and endurance. This past week, one of his new private students (taking classes with him virtually) had an amazing breakthrough that we wanted to share with you in her own words.

I contacted Vishva-ji to help me prepare for my 55km trail race in Nepal in October. He provided me with a custom Yoga practice that included lots of pranayama along with mantra, asana, mudra and meditation. The intention was to increase my lung capacity, stamina and efficiency. After only 4 days of this Yoga practice, I went for my run that included speedwork – seven 30 second intervals up a hill. The first couple intervals were sluggish at about a 6:15/km pace. On the the third interval, I felt a shift. An ease in running up the hill. The last 3 intervals were at a 4:15/km pace! I ran an 8th interval because I felt so good and it too was a 4:15/km pace. It was as if an internal power was released providing energy to my legs, my breathing was fluid and my mind was noticeably clear and present. It’s been about 8 or 9 years since I’ve run at that pace! Extraordinary.

This story of great physical optimization is so neat because it is measurable. Imagine if we could measure just as easily the optimization in our emotional and social wellness. Yoga is an optimization in total self, and its effects are really far-reaching in our lives.

If you are interested in working one-on-one with Vishva-ji, he has some availability in September! Click here for details.

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