Yoga for the Mature Body

Akhanda Yoga Institute is excited to offer this foundational 100 hour YTT starting October 23rd for teachers who would like to extend the wonderful practice of yoga to the more mature body - for people who may have had less access to Yogic practices in earlier years, in a way that is enjoyable, encouraging and transforming. You will come away with a strong foundation and tools to commence teaching this large section of the population in a safe and competent way.

This program will be offered in person at Anand Prakash Yoga Ashram in Rishikesh India, as well as virtually for those that prefer an online format.

Please see below for details on schedule, early bird discounts, & payment plans.

Professional accreditation

Yoga Teachers will get a certificate for 100 Continuing Education hours on their Yoga Alliance profile or as a module of the Akhanda Yoga YTT 300.

Expert teacher

Krishnaa Mukti has been teaching for the wisdom years & mature bodies for many years. They are the most fulfilling & rewarding of all her classes. To see people connecting with their body, become more agile & stronger which boosts their confidence. They can do things in life that they had thought were no longer suitable for them. Learning how to balance physically gives them more balance mentally, they become happier & calmer.

"When we are teaching people who have had a different life experience than ourselves, we cannot know what their needs or perceptions are except by learning about them."

-Krishnaa Mukti

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Train with expert teachers

Krishnaa Mukti

Krishnaa Mukti met Yogrishi Vishvketu in 2007 when she was staying at Yoga Niketan Ashram in Rishikesh with a group of students she had brought to India. She attended one of Vishva-ji’s classes in Laksman Jhula and his style of teaching resonated on a deep level.

Yogrishi Vishvketu

Yogrishi Vishvketu (Vishva-ji) is known for his infectious laughter and stories. His holistic approach brings forward ancient wisdom for a modern age incorporating asana, pranayama, mantra, meditation and yogic wisdom in every class. His deepest aim is to inspire people to connect to their true nature, which is fearless, expansive, joyful and playful.

Prem Sagar (Robin Campbell – Ziffer)

Robin (Prem Sagar) has pursued the art of Yoga and spiritual transformation since 1999 when he first met his teacher Yogrishi Vishvketu in Rishikesh, India. He developed a deep connection with Vishva-ji and has remained a dedicated student. 

The benefits of yoga have been expounded over the years and we know that everyone can benefit from some of the yoga practices.
There are many people who would benefit from yoga but due to the way it is taught, it is not a comfortable or safe place for them to be. Yoga is often taught in large classes without adequate observation and adjusting.
It is often done at a fast pace with little attention to detail and alignment. In this environment it is easy for people to injure themselves physically or to feel they are too old, too unfit, too heavy, too weak, which is not a good psychological experience. They come to believe yoga is not for them and yet yoga is for everyone.

"It is better to live one's own dharma imperfectly than another's perfectly. When you copy someone else you are denying your own potential & limiting yourself. You can never be someone else. Your work is to discover your true nature."

-Bhagavad Gita

Yoga for the Mature Body:
What you'll learn!

Anatomy and Physiology
A deeper understanding of the way the body moves and how lifestyle and age affect the movement.
An understanding of the aging process and how each system is affected, for example circulation, endocrine system, nervous system.
Knowledge of chronic conditions that affect a person’s practice, eg hypertension, arthritis, osteoporosis, etc.
An understanding of menopause.
How to teach yoga philosophy to people in a way that will introduce them to their true nature, giving them a sense of purpose and joy.
Give them tools to manage the ups and downs of life.
How to observe, then how to modify and use props.
Teaching in a way that ensures a sense of safety and being held without being condescending and patronsing. Making it fun!
Sequencing. Pranayama, bandhas, mantra and meditation.
Gain an understanding of the psychology of the mature person.
Understand some of the mental challenges that they face and how to support.
These are the Vata years. Learn tools and techniques in the yoga practice to support with this.
Intensive Week: This course is designed for Indian, European, & Asia Pacific time zones (the times below are reflected in PST)
October 23rd - November 3rd for IST (Oct 22nd - Nov 3rd for PST/EST)


4:50 pm
7:30 am


New York



New Delhi


Post Course Virtual Sessions
Sunday, November 20th, December 11th, January 15th, 2023 and February 12th, 2023


1:30 am
3:30 am


New York



New Delhi


“People often ask me: ‘Do I have to be flexible to do yoga?’ or ‘Am I too old to do Yoga?’ I always answer them: If you're breathing, you can do Yoga!"

-Yogrishi Vishvketu

Why should you become a certified Seniors Yoga Teacher?

  • Yoga is experiential. When we are teaching people who have had a different life experience than ourselves, we cannot know what their needs or perceptions are except by learning about them. This is where a teacher training for seniors gives us that information.
  • Many yoga classes today are geared towards the young, fit, and healthy. Most teacher trainings teach you how to teach this category. Many people are older and experiencing the process of aging or they have had injuries, illnesses, etc which makes the regular class unsuitable for them.
  • Many people of all ages have led a sedentary life & the body is not as flexible or strong as it once was. However, they are still able to do many of the asanas presented in a yoga class if they are presented in the right way.
  • As we age the body changes. Blood pressure, bone strength, prolapses, loss of muscle, stiff or arthritic joints, loss of balance are just a few of the things you will be presented with as a yoga teacher of seniors. To teach effectively & safely the teacher needs to understand the pathology of these conditions, contra-indications & how to modify asanas.
  • The psychology of the older person is often different from the younger person. They have different aspirations, fears, levels of contentment. Understanding this is a prerequisite to presenting philosophy & yoga psychology.
  • People want to feel safe, supported, acknowledged, & allowed to start where they are. The teacher needs to have the knowledge & tools to ensure they feel that way.
  • A specialised training for the teacher will give them the understanding, knowledge & skills which will give them the confidence to teach safely, creatively, & effectively.
  • Through this training you’ll be able to observe, give individual modifications, & prop adjustments according to the needs of each person. When the teacher is confident & relaxed, open & knowledgeable the participants will feel the same way. It will be a wonderful experience for all.
Cancellations & Course Schedule Changes for Online Offerings:
Whilst it is not typically the case, from time to time there may be circumstances that prevent a course from running at its scheduled time, including but not limited to: government restrictions, global or local regulatory changes including those associated with the pandemic, extreme weather events, individual circumstances, insufficient numbers and/or severe disruption to power supply or technology platforms.
If any of these circumstances occur:
  1. Cancellation requests made by a course participant due to their own individual, extenuating and/or unavoidable circumstances: the participant is eligible for a refund (less administration fee of 5%) up to 20 days prior to course commencement. In the 20 days leading up to the course and/or after course commencement, the participant is no longer eligible for a refund but can allocate unused funds towards other eligible Institute online offerings.
  2. Cancellations required to be made due to other extenuating circumstances such as those relating to government regulatory changes, extreme weather events and so forth which are not driven by the Institute or the individual: the participant is eligible for a refund (less administration fee of 5%) and/or allocation of unused funds towards other eligible Institute online offerings.
  3. Cancellations made by the Institute due to insufficient numbers and/or other Institute specific circumstances: participants are eligible for a full refund and/or allocation of unused funds towards other eligible Institute online offerings.

Please note: As an organization that works internationally, when issuing refunds, Akhanda Yoga Institute is not responsible for changes that may have occurred with exchange rates.


Yoga for the Mature Body - IN PERSON Pricing - Save $100 with Early Bird Discount code Yoga4MatureBody_EBD

Ashram stay/food is separate and paid at time of arrival, approximately $22 USD per day.

Yoga for the Mature Body - VIRTUAL Pricing - Save $100 with Early Bird Discount code Yoga4MatureBody_EBD

Course Requirement

Certified 200 hours Yoga Teacher or permission from our Head Trainer.

For those joining in virtually, 70% of the program must be attended live in order to receive certification. If for some reason you must miss more than 30% we will work with you individually to make up time privately with one of the teachers (or within a group if there are multiple people missing the same sessions). These private makeup sessions do have an additional fee to compensate the teachers for their additional time.


6 month payment plans are available for both In-person & Virtual. Please email to inquire.

We are committed to making Yoga more accessible to people of all social, racial and cultural identities, financial means, levels of fitness, ages, body types and religions.

Our Scholarships are one way we endeavour to have students envision themselves within our Yoga Family, as they gain further access to teachings that are everyone’s birthright.

Please reach out to for details. Partial scholarships will be awarded once minimum registration numbers have been met.

"If you could erase all the mistakes of your past you would erase all the wisdom of your present. Remember the lesson not the disappointment."

-Ralph Waldo Emmerson

What are the people saying?

What an amazing place to uncover your true nature! Vishva-ji and his incredible team of knowledgeable, experienced teachers will guide you through so much more than just a yoga teacher training. This is training for living a full, fearless, loving life. I cannot recommend the training and Anand Prakash Ashram highly enough. Hari Om!

A Birdington; YTT Student

Had the honour and privilege of taking Akhanda Yoga’s virtual Pranayama Foundations 100 hour YTT and am amazed by the outcome! In addition to providing a strong foundation, simple and accessible daily applications, this ancient wisdom has also given me deep healing. Using what I have learned in my daily life has allowed me to start running again. Rubbing without chest pain or any physical discomfort. Something that I have not been able to do for decades! I feel like a teenager again, with strong, healthy lungs and a lot of life force. Thank you Akhanda Family, looking forward to learning more and future opportunities. Hari Om!

Kusum Jyoti; Virtual Pranayama 100 hour YTTs

I was very impressed by the thoroughness and wealth of information and learning opportunity offered by Yogrishi Vishvketu and his teaching staff. I really dove deep into authentic knowledge about the subject all referenced by specific textual references. Vishva-ji is an amazing and very generous teacher. Fostering learning, understanding and connection. An addition to all yoga teachers wanting to expand both their own awareness through personal practice and understanding of techniques and authentic knowledge. I can definitely say this has helped me improve my teaching skills, too. I have really loved this course because even if it was virtual it offered a real life changing transformational experience. I can say I took a deeper journey into my energy body and have more awareness about it, knowing now how to convey this in my teaching.

Claudia Buzzetti, Italy; Virtual Classical Kundalini 100 hour YTT

The course was well organized and well presented. All classes began and ended on time. There was opportunity to practice what we were learning. Yogrishi Vishvketu is an extremely hard worker. He has abundant energy and patience. Raja Yoga is a very powerful modality of yoga. While the poses are simple and accessible to anyone, the combined effect of brahmeri pranayama and asana together is profound and transformative. On top of that, this is a really fun practice to do with others. The energy in the room builds and builds throughout the 100 hour training. Highest recommendation.

Philip Payson; Raj Yoga 100 hour YTT Student

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