Shankaprakshalan – Yogic Detox Workshop

A traditional and authentic practice that Yogis perform to prepare the body for the changing seasons, Shankaprakshalan is an organic Yogic technique that works on the entire digestive tract in a gentle yet effective way.

Shankaprakshalan helps your body to release seasonal build-up of toxic matter and imbalances.

Join this new edition of a much loved Akhanda Yoga Institute offering, starting with a preparatory session on March 14th that can be also taken via recording. Actual cleanse will take place on March 19th, please allow enough time to prepare!

Activate your body's natural cleansing processes with a Yogic detox!

In the introductory session, the background to this technique, detailed steps, and required follow-up food prep will be explained. The following week, you will engage in the actual cleanse with the guidance of Yogrishi Vishvketu.
Typically the procedure involves consuming a specially prepared saline solution in conjunction with specific asana sequences to activate the organic detoxification process. This can take a shorter or longer time on the actual day of detox depending upon your unique body type.
You will require a minimum of two days rest without any excess physical or mental activity. During the cleanse we highly recommend having someone available for support, in case you require physical assistance during the process.
Important to note: We also require that you do not undertake the practice if the following conditions / issues are present:
You are unable to have at least two days full rest (Saturday, Sunday) followed by another two days of slower paced, non-physical work after the actual cleanse;
You are unable to consume ghee or coconut oil for medical and/or dietary restrictions. The process will require the consumption one of these oils;
There will be no one home during the practice on March 20th or the following day, to support you. In the rare event that you experience dizzy spells, dehydration, or body fatigue you may require the assistance of another.
You suffer from peptic or duodenal ulcers, you are pregnant, or you have already undertaken the practice in the recent two months.

Preparing the body for the changing seasons and pranayama practice


When done correctly, Shankaprakshalan supports not just your spiritual practice but also your general lifestyle and experience of wellbeing!
Benefits include:
Releases the build-up of pressure on the digestive system that result from changing seasons, environmental demands, imbalanced food consumption, and illness
Eliminates unhealthy bacteria, blockages, and/or toxins from the entire digestive tract
Supports ongoing digestion – including gut health, appetite, digestive fire, detoxification, and absorption of nutrients (including iron absorption)
Improves breath capacity and the flow of life-force energy, Prana
Supports a consistent sleep cycle
Boosts mood, energy, and concentration – the modern day “belly-brain” connection – and balances body weight
Resets, strengthens, and uplifts the immune system – and can make your skin glow, too!
Preparatory Session with support team
Monday March 14th, 2022


6:00 am
8:00 am


New York



New Delhi


Live Cleanse with Vishvaji & team
Saturday March 19th, 2022


7:00 am
10:00 am


New York



New Delhi


Follow Up Session with Support Team
Sunday March 20th, 2022


11:00 am
12:00 pm


New York



New Delhi


So what is Shankaprakshalan?

Ancient seers had a deep understanding of the importance of digestion to support energetic balance and creative expansion. While it is widely known that detox was effective, the exact details were carefully guarded to protect practitioners and ensure they are supported with the guidance of an experienced teacher.

With this program, Akhanda Yoga Institute is sharing this wisdom.

Unlike some schools of thought that reject the body’s existence, Hatha Yogis and Yoginis considered the body an important vehicle to experience wellbeing at all levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

To this end, Yogic tradition has a strong focus on purification techniques to balance doshas and prepare the body for changing seasons and advanced practices. Shifting blockages at the physical level supports emotional and energetic release and allows creative energy to expand and flow harmoniously.

Shankaprakshalan is an organic Yogic technique that works on the entire digestive tract in a gentle yet effective way. It uses simple ingredients that are carefully prepared and consumed together with specific asana sequences under the guidance of an experienced teacher. This is followed by carefully selected food types to gently reintroduce balance within the system.

Shankaprakshalan can be used to move out seasonal build-up of toxic matter and imbalances collected from long-term food habits and chronic stress. It is both a detox cleanse and a digestive maintenance at the same time.

Join our preparatory workshop to learn more about how Yogis undertook this procedure during every season change to cleanse and prepare the body for the next season and support their Yoga asana, pranayama and meditation practices.


Shankhaprakshalan, Yogic Detox


If you have any questions or need any support please reach out to our Community Manager & Program Coordinator, Jot Anant, at

"The body is a tool. If the body becomes an obstacle then we cannot live to our fullest potential." - Yogrishi Vishvketu

What are the people saying?

I was in Anand Prakash for one month. It was a great experience! The staff was super efficient and lovely. They helped me with many things such as taxis, places, bookings etc. The asharam is very clean and the food delicious. I’m beginner practicing yoga, however I could practice twice a day. Sometimes I talked with the teachers to improve some asanas and they were very kind. Near the sharam there are some caf├ęs, ATM, massagens, small market etc. The asharam’s library is very useful, there are many books about yoga and East philosophy. I really recommend!

Diego S; Ashram Guest

I booked Anand Prakash for 4 nights and I spent 12 nights there. I loved and enjoyed everything! Very good yoga classes (2 yoga classes per day and also Sunday morning session! ). Nice accommodations and excellent food (they have also vegan and gluten free options). They offer meditation and pooja before and after yoga class. And u can book also a cooking class! All staff and the owner are nice, sweeties and patients with everybody. Good price. High recommended!

elibar_00, Italy; Ashram Guest

I attended the Ashram in Spring 2018. I was looking for an accessible place to practice yoga and learn about yoga philosophy and I certainly found it. The ashram is very welcoming, clean and relaxed. It holds a spiritual authenticity which is very powerful. I loved it so much that I am planning to return later this year.

Gail Taylor Pitt, UK; Ashram Guest

Akhanda Yoga is truly exactly what it states – complete and whole! The learning experience with Akhanda Yoga was incredible as they strive for classical authenticity in teaching the origins of yoga. If one wants a beautiful journey into learning about yoga supplemented with unsurpassed wisdom and knowledge of this classical practice – Akhanda Yoga is the training program for you! My program was completed online – I can only imagine how experiential this program is in person!

Dr. Rashi Mehta; Virtual 200 hour YTT Student

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