Radical Presence:
A One-Month Immersion
in the Yoga Sutras

Bring Yoga to life from New Moon to New Moon with Chétana Jessica Torrens!

Through 5 hour-and-a-half sessions and a month of deep-dive recorded teachings you will have the opportunity to experience the profound teachings of the Yoga Sutras.

Professional accreditation

This virtual program offers teachers registered through Yoga Alliance 30 continuing education hours (17.5 contact).

Expert teacher

Chétana Jessica has been teaching Yoga Wisdom for twenty years, and helps connect the dots between the eras of Yoga history and life-affirming practices for today. She offers authentic teaching and practices to bring a bit of awe and wonder to daily living.

Kickstart your sense of wholeness and wellbeing with a month of Yoga Wisdom!

Train with expert teachers

Chétana Jessica

Chétana Jessica co-founded the initial Akhanda Yoga training approach, and has taught Yoga Wisdom, Teaching Methodology, and Transformational Experiences for more than 25 Akhanda YTT programs in both India and in Canada. Chétana was a significant contributor to the initial leadership and organization of the flagship Akhanda Yoga Teacher Trainings. 

In this one-month intensive, you will learn to:
Tap into a vast storehouse of life-changing wisdom barely touched on in most Yoga classes
Increasing your capacity for presence, savouring and gratitude
Confidently weave gems of wisdom into your classes or retreats

Unlock the Life-Changing Wisdom of the Sutras!

Radical Presence: A One-Month Immersion in the Yoga Sutras

This learning experience includes:
5 hour-and-a-half classes Live on Zoom
24 days of inspirational recordings (20-30-minute lessons)
A 100-page downloadable course book
Reflection questions for your ongoing journey
Simple comprehension quizzes
30 continuing education hours (17.5 contact)
Live Zoom Sessions
Sundays January 30th - February 27th


11:00 am
12:30 pm


New York



New Delhi


Daily recorded teachings
January 31st - February 26th (you will still have access after the course)



New York



New Delhi


Can’t attend live? Get the recordings of the interactive sessions also!

From New Moon to New Moon, join this empowering and inspirational Yoga Wisdom Circle!

Do you want to kickstart your sense of wholeness and wellbeing with a month of Yoga Wisdom? How about a way to get centred and inspired each day. Bring Yoga to life from New Moon to New Moon with Chétana Jessica Torrens through 5 hour-and-a-half sessions and 24 days of deep-dive recorded teachings on the Yoga Sutras.

Together with group, you’ll explore profound aphorisms with real-life applications in a welcoming circle. This offering is the first of two Yoga Wisdom modules that are steps towards Chétana’s Teaching Yoga Wisdom module.

Each 1.5 hour Zoom session will include:

  • A talk on aphorism from the Yoga Sutras
  • Discussion on artfully applying the wisdom to daily life
  • Breakaway interactions and deep connection
  • A Transformational Experience that may include:
    • breathwork
    • visualization
    • sounding
    • symbol inquiry
    • journey with the senses
    • meditation
    • the spontaneous magic that arises from being on a facilitated journey

This course is a daily journey for one month from New Moon to New Moon. We will meet for five sessions of 1.5 hours live on Zoom each Sunday January 30th – February 27th During the week, you will receive recorded classes on Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras in 24 manageable 20-minute sessions for a super-powered month of mind-full-ness

Can’t attend live? Get the recording of the interactive sessions also!


Cancellations & Course Schedule Changes for Online Offerings:
Whilst it is not typically the case, from time to time there may be circumstances that prevent an online course from running at its scheduled time, including but not limited to: government restrictions, global or local regulatory changes including those associated with the pandemic, extreme weather events, individual circumstances, insufficient numbers and/or severe disruption to power supply or technology platforms. 
If any of these circumstances occur:
  1. Cancellation requests made by a course participant due to their own individual, extenuating and/or unavoidable circumstances: the participant is eligible for a refund (less administration fee of 5%) up to 20 days prior to course commencement. In the 20 days leading up to the course and/or after course commencement, the participant is no longer eligible for a refund but can allocate unused funds towards other eligible Institute online offerings.
  2. Cancellations required to be made due to other extenuating circumstances such as those relating to government regulatory changes, extreme weather events and so forth which are not driven by the Institute or the individual: the participant is eligible for a refund (less administration fee of 5%) and/or allocation of unused funds towards other eligible Institute online offerings.
  3. Cancellations made by the Institute due to insufficient numbers and/or other Institute specific circumstances: participants are eligible for a full refund and/or allocation of unused funds towards other eligible Institute online offerings.



Radical Presence: A One-Month Immersion in the Yoga Sutras

Bundle with Chétana's Elemental Wisdom Course: A One-Month Journey into the Vedas, Upanishads and the Gita


If you have any questions or need any support please reach out to our Community Manager & Program Coordinator, Jot Anant, at

Now is the Time, Start Your Journey

What are the people saying?

“You gain clear confidence to bring the key principles of them into your own class offerings. Chétana’s masterful guidance throughout the course makes this online format of study supportive, clear, and easy to follow. Her depth of knowledge shines during the personable online lectures and the practices of mantra, meditation, and ritual.”

Catherine Nelson-Reid, Yoga Wisdom Course

“Brilliant! The Wisdom and Practice of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras is for every serious yoga practitioner and teacher alike. Chétana presents the Sutras in a clear, practical way. Her approach makes them just as accessible in modern times as they would have been in ancient times.”

Anandi, Yoga Wisdom Course

“What great courses! Very informative, thorough and experiential. I really enjoyed how Chétana offered an in-depth look at these ancient texts and seamlessly linked them to current practices of Yoga. I look forward to more of these courses!”

Kat Kamalika Mills, Yoga Wisdom Course

“Elemental Wisdom gathered me in right from the beginning, renewing and re-inspiring my study of the ageless wisdom teachings of the Vedas and Bhagavad Gita. For a new student this is a rich course ideal for learning the essence of these texts. For the practiced student/teacher, diving into deeper study, you are reignited and enriched with the depth of these teachings.”

Catherine Nelson-Reid, Yoga Wisdom Course

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