Last! Free Ancestral Healing Ritual: full moon maternal healing

Join the Akhanda Yoga Global Community each month during the powerful time of the New and Full Moon for Ancestral Healing Rituals.

Each lunation you will connect & heal either the paternal lineages on the new moon and on the full moon the maternal ones, through these powerful and transformative practices.

Participate in this healing ritual together with the Akhanda Yoga Institute global family

Free Monthly Ancestral Heling Rituals

Gather in a supportive circle in community.
Perform and offer an authentic Vedic water ceremony.
Learn the power of ritual to heal your ancestry.
Release attachments and heal tendencies within your ancestral blueprint.
Tune into the power of your intention.
Connect to the many blessings you’ve received from your ancestors but may not be aware of.
Maternal Healing Rituals for the full moon
December 16
December 17
December 18


10:00 am
11:00 am


New York



New Delhi


“If you are comfortable with this body, you are comfortable with your family history. If you are not comfortable with your ancestry, you are unable to be comfortable with this physical body” ― Yogrishi Vishvketu

Participate in this healing ritual for your ancestry!

Vedic wisdom traditions tell us that we are connected with and can release attachments and heal tendencies within our ancestral blueprint. Throughout India ancestor pujas are practiced for healing the whole maternal and paternal line with elemental rituals including water puja, often a final surrendering of the intention to heal by throwing herbs and grains into the Ganges River. This ancient practice has been modified into a very accessible format for our modern lifestyle.

During our free monthly Ancestral Healing Rituals we will perform and offer a Vedic water ceremony in which we will energize water while chanting for our maternal lineages during the full moon, and to the paternal ones during the new moon.

It is a very powerful practice that involves visualization, chanting and simple elemental practice for both the maternal and paternal lines. Our bodies are made up mostly of water and water is known to be affected and energized by sound vibration. At the end of the ritual we will offer this energized water to the earth and to ourselves as a way to seal this ancestral blessing.

To balance both sides you can do this ritual every month, 3 days for each.

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December 9


7 Thursdays! Join Vishvaji for this special Yoga Nidra and Meditation "Who Am I" series, creating healing between the physical, mental and pranic bodies. Live online from Rishikesh!

Invest in yourself and welcome in a new year of wellbeing and abundance!

January 22

200 hour training

Akhanda Yoga Institute’s 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India, is a life-changing opportunity as well as a professional qualification. Study in the birthplace of Yoga and advance both your practise and teaching skills.

March 3


A traditional and authentic practice Yogis perform to prepare the body for the changing seasons. Shankaprakshalan is an organic yogic technique that works on the entire digestive tract in a gentle but effective way.

April 2

Online 200 hour YTT

The Akhanda Yoga 200 Hour Virtual Teacher Training with focus on Pranayama is a unique program, the only one of its kind. It gives you an extraordinary opportunity to do a Yoga Alliance approved YTT online and become a breathwork facilitator -- with a work-friendly weekend course schedule, too.

Dates to Come

100 hour YTT

With this unique 100 hour YTT module, you will add this inclusive Yoga style to your teaching services, and learn to tailor Raj Yoga for those who need a very moderate flow, to practice in a chair or even to practice in bed.

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