There are times in life when we are called to take a leap, to radically transform the way we look at ourselves and the way we interact in the world. From downplaying our achievements to radiating our lived experience; from coping to holding steady even during times of change, stress and illness and preparing to flourish as we are squeezed out of the chrysalis and emerge on the other side. This is the power and alchemy of Yoga at work in our lives.

That said, all of us, from beginners on this path to those who have been trying to hunker down into the joys and deep messages of each day for a while now, all of us can benefit from having another person hold space for our process with compassionate and loving support. Someone who asks us questions that shine a light on what we’re trying to lean into. Someone to breathe with us when we’re in fish pose and trying to release the place where we hold a particular batch of pain. This is why we worked with Prem Robin Campbell on the evolution of the Akhanda Yoga Life Coaching program – to help Yoga teachers learn to hold this space of loving support, to assist students in the embodiment of Yoga.

The single most valuable lesson I learned from the Akhanda YLC course was the freedom to trust my intuition. Through Prem Sagar’s gentle guidance and support from his compassionate assistants, I gained the ability to understand the deeply intimate and personal experience of letting go of past values and perceptions, and opening up to the power of inner knowing.

The program had a strong impact on my perception of Yoga Therapy, and greatly influenced my practice, and my life.

Triveni Dhara
Helping Hands for India Representative

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