Yoga Workshops & Practice Series

Continue your Yoga journey with live guidance and community support at Akhanda Yoga Institute!

We offer an ongoing variety of Yoga Workshops and Series, online and in-person with our dedicated teaching faculty and wellbeing specialists.

There is something for everyone — from Yoga teachers and practitioners, to their family and friends — to explore together.

Explore deep healing practices such as:

  • Yoga Nidra for sleep and relaxation,
  • Yogic cooking workshops featuring vegetarian, Pranic foods,
  • specialized asana and pranayama series to support emotional release and deepen your practice, and many more.

Join us and meet other like-minded Yogis and Yoginis on this journey together!

Would you like to connect to the power of daily ritual and bring ease into your closest relationships? Intentional practice with a combination of yoga and ritual can provide us with a way to connect (both to ourselves and others), bring stability to our day, improve social bonding, and have a profound positive impact on our spiritual, mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

Join Vishva-ji for these two series of 7 ongoing days of Sadhana to reprogram your ancestral blueprints and the way they show up in your life today.

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