Student: “I’m doing yoga, I have changed so much”

Yogrishi: “Not really! You are just allowing yourself to be who you really are!"

A daily, committed asana and pranayama practice allows you to rebalance and create alignment between your physical, mental and pranic bodies.

Say yes to yourself and join us for this powerful practice series to explore Who You Really Are!

Without knowing who you really are, your layers of existence vibrate in a scattered, misguided dance.

Yoga Nidra and meditation are powerful practices for self-care and deep inner reprogramming. Releasing blockages in your physical body, breathing patterns, and conscious and subconscious mind, using one paired thought and action at a time - a vital skill for manifestation! Join us live or catch up with the recordings!

Join the Akhanda Yoga Global Community each month during the powerful time of the New and Full Moon for Ancestral Healing Rituals. Each lunation you will connect & heal either to the paternal and maternal lineages, through these powerful and transformative practices.


| 3 sessions

A traditional and authentic practice Yogis perform to prepare the body for the changing seasons. Shankaprakshalan is an organic yogic technique that works on the entire digestive tract in a gentle but effective way. In this 3 session workshop, you will help your body to move out seasonal build-up of toxic matter and imbalances collected from long-term food habits and chronic stress.

The Akhanda Yoga 200 Hour Virtual Teacher Training with focus on Pranayama is a unique program, the only one of its kind. It gives you an extraordinary opportunity to do a Yoga Alliance approved YTT online and become a breathwork facilitator -- with a work-friendly weekend course schedule, too.