100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training courses

Akhanda 100-hour Yoga Teacher Training modules are unique and flexible. They can be taken onsite in Rishikesh, India or online in a virtual classroom, or combined in a hybrid approach. With this system, you can conveniently work towards the 300-hour, 500-hour or 1000-hour designation by taking multiple courses over time.

Akhanda Yoga Institute’s unique modular approach allows you to specialize and achieve work-life balance, by setting your own pace of study. We offer online and hybrid residential YTT programs: each course is a well-rounded, stand-alone program and includes studies in Philosophy, Lifestyle, Ethics, Techniques, Anatomy, and Teaching Methodology. Akhanda Yoga Institute has several areas of special expertise, as demonstrated by our in-depth Pranayama and Kundalini studies.

Yoga teachers will get a certificate for 100 Continuing Education hours on their Yoga Alliance profile.

Join Akhanda Yoga Institute for this two part 100 hour program exploring the powerful practices of Yoga Nidra & Meditation. Divided into two 50 hour module with a flexible 1 weekend a month schedule & once per week practice sessions, you'll learn how Yoga Nidra helps to release stress from many years on both the physical & mental level, as well as meditation techniques to connect you to your highest Self.


| 12 day intensive on campus

Classical Kundalini Yoga is a unique style of Yoga developed by Yogrishi Vishvketu to initiate students into authentic Tantra Yoga. This 12-day intensive training course (offered in person or virtual) offers a profound personal and professional development opportunity.


Akhanda Yoga Institute is excited to offer this foundational 100 hour YTT for teachers who would like to extend the wonderful practice of yoga to the more mature person in a way that is enjoyable, encouraging and transforming. You will come away with a strong foundation and tools to commence teaching this large section of the population in a safe and competent way.

This program will be offered in person at Anand Prakash Yoga Ashram in Rishikesh India, as well as virtually for those that prefer an online format.

At this time, when many people are experiencing unprecedented stress, breathwork / pranayama offers many benefits. Training in breathwork will give you tools to help people cope with uncertainty and anxiety. This Yoga Alliance accredited program includes breathwork coaching skills, authentic Yogic wisdom, and ancient pranayama techniques. Learn how to be of service and support people with the power of breathing!

This advanced pranayama program will take you deeper and further on your spiritual journey. Learn to create pranayama sequences within a strong framework of wisdom from ancient Yogic practices, exploring philosophy from key Adi Nath Shiva lineage texts. This well-paced, flexible, virtual 100 hour pranayama teacher training will empower you to confidently guide customised breathwork practices for individual, specific needs.

We invite you to begin the journey of Raj Yoga, an innovative and inclusive style designed by Yogrishi Vishvketu to help you move very simply towards more calm, meditative awareness and integration. With this unique 100 hour YTT module, you will add this inclusive Yoga style to your teaching services, and learn to tailor Raj Yoga for those who need a very moderate flow, to practice in a chair or even to practice in bed.