Are you feeling Hot, Hot, Hot? As the temperature increases in summer, so too can our humours. Stuck in a sweltering bus or just generally feeling flushed and agitated. These feelings tie in with our fire centre at the navel. When the navel is out of balance and running high, you’ll notice anger, criticism, self judgement, harsh words, jealousy and other types of bad temper. And yet, these surges of passionate energy can be so useful and motivating when they are more balanced. Here are some of our favourite tips for working with this strong and sometimes overbearing energy vortex.

How to Balance the Navel Chakra:

  • Take a brisk walk – if you’re feeling pent up or a bit peeved, there’s nothing like movement to circulate the navel energy. Swing your arms (opposite leg, opposite arm) mindfully and imagine you’re pushing energy through as you do this. Notice the vast sky above, the peaceful purple tones of the spring flowers. Pretty soon, you’ll be humming with navel energy that is motivating and productive.
  • You may come home from your walk eager to tuck into a project that has been set aside or put on the back burner. Once you activate the balanced flow of abundant navel, you’re in manifesting mode! Just be aware that if you don’t make time for what is coming forth to be manifest, the grumpy navel with burst through again and wreak it’s havoc.
  • Cooling drinks are also great, especially in summer. Add some cucumber and mint leaves to a pitcher of water and let it soak for a while. Soon you’ll have a super refreshing, sugar-free drink. More and more we find fresh unsweetened coconut water in the market. This water of the young coconut is great after your walk or run as it is very hydrating and balancing for the electrolytes.
  • Try cooling pranayama, such as Sitali or Sitkari (sipping air through a rolled or flat tongue).
  • Perform Tratak on the full moon. Lunar gazing is watery and cooling and can increase your Ojas, the energy of continence. This will allow you to channel your navel energy in smooth and nurturing ways!
  • Once you’re feeling a bit calmer (it is not good to practice postures when you’re angry, as you could hurt yourself), you can perform belly-down poses, like cobra or bow. These postures help to ignite, but also to circulate the fiery energy of the navel.
  • Next, use counter-poses to soothe the 3rd chakra, such as bowing puppy or child. The gentle oscillations of the cat pose may also be helpful.
  • Now you’re ready to meditate! Visualize the Yantra of the 3rd chakra: downward facing red triangle, and chant its Mantra: Om Ram, keeping your attention on a place just below the navel at the back of the body by the spine. If you like the tactile movement of the mala beads, use them in particular for the frenetic navel – chant 108 times Om Ram (Om on the inhalation and Ram on the exhalation).
  • If you’re looking for something almost effortless, lay down with a bolster under your knees to release the lower back and allow the back of the navel to release towards the floor. Once you’re comfortable, inhale deeply and exhale the sound: Ahhhhhhh. First it may sound like a sigh and later like a sung tone. Savour and enjoy!

Don’t forget you can find videos on all of these balancing practice, from Sitali and Sitkari pranayama to chakra visualization and chanting to the full Akhanda Intermediate Navel Power class on