I’ve decided to post our newsletter messages here in the Blog so that you can always refer back to them. So here was the message for May!

I’m declaring May a month for Compassion in Action:

  • Give someone a hug! Studies show that hugging someone for 20 seconds releases oxytocin, the wellbeing hormone, lowering your heart rate and cortisol levels. It’s so simple to have a huge impact on another person’s day, and also our own. Reach out and touch someone!
  • Greet your neighbours! Ok, so there are some people you don’t know well enough to hug. But people report that one of the things that increases their sense of well-being most on a daily basis is short social interactions with their neighbours. Now that porch-sitting weather has arrived, hang out and say ‘hay’ to passers-by.
  • Tell someone you appreciate them! We think people know how we feel about them, but it’s so easy to be sure by telling them they’re valued just for who they are. When people are encouraged and validated, they in turn show more compassion to others, even when they’re cut off or treated abruptly. The positive interactions act like a powerful antidote to negative ones, opening us up to compassion.
  • Group Bonding also promotes well-being!
    Collective practices like cooperative dance, yoga and group singing also release oxytocin making us feel at one with ourselves and our community. If you haven’t already, consider coming to one of our June Retreats to bond with community. We hope to see you there!


Share the Love and watch it ricochet through the community.