I was deep into the filming of my second Yoga Wisdom course, recording a total of 46 video lessons, when I realized … our family was ready for a move that would offer a special eco-education opportunity for the kids. How would I coordinate the home sales, packing and coordinating a 4000 kilometer move, all while working as Program Coordinator for Akhanda Yoga and finalizing filming and writing of 46 lessons in Yoga Wisdom. Sounds crazy, right? But when you have a firm intention, believe you are worthy, and take daily steps towards it, you would not believe what is possible!

Last week we talked about getting really creative and sensual with your vision for a tangible goal or a way of being that you’re stepping into in 2020.

To really bring forward your vision, you need to set out a plan of action!

First, take a look at what has been holding you back from your vision thus far?

If the vison is something you’ve hardly dared to dream for a while, you may have held yourself back from even getting to this stage – taking steps. The vision may have seemed out of reach or too big to get a handle on. Maybe you have a little voice telling you that you don’t deserve it.

I struggled with this for years. Believing that mainstream publishing was for special people and that to share more broadly my Yoga Wisdom teaching I needed a PhD. This is one of the biggest hurdles in moving from visioning to manifesting. And it was hunkering down into the teachings that helped me shift from a place of withholding to freely offering. 

Consider this:

  • Good things that happen to you don’t mean that good things are taken away from other people. Think abundance. Creating opportunities for yourself shows others a way forward on their passion projects.
  • When you withhold your gifts, you’re rejecting yourself (before anyone else can) and not allowing anyone to benefit from what you have to offer. Wouldn’t it be better to let yourself do that thing you’ve always wanted to do and let others choose to share in that with you?


When we vision, we get expansive and think big – this is actually good. Just don’t get stuck in that stage. Time for mobilizing and focussing your efforts!

  • Write a list of the small daily, weekly or seasonal steps you can take towards your vision. Make sure the steps you’re drafting are concrete and things you will actually do.
  • If identifying steps makes you feel a bit queasy, try to see the vision behind the step. Taking steps might be scary, but if that feeling doesn’t resolve, make sure it is a step that leads to another step that you feel good about.

By breaking down the filming and writing for my online course into small clusters of lessons and by checking in with my progress and remembering that my goal was to share this amazing wisdom with people in life-affirming and practical ways, we did it! We filmed in short scheduled increments over time that were manageable for my family, and in the end, I wrote a bit each night. The main content of the course was complete by the time the moving van was rolling and I got on the plane at the end of August!

Here’s to taking step toward YOUR visions in 2020!! 

To help release any patterns of shrinking or holding yourself back from radiating your amazing bright light, click below for a sneak peak at the course:

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