Kundalini is often spoken about as a rising, fiery energy that awakens dormant capacities within the brain and nervous system. Vishva-ji calls it a creative drive that exists within everyone, active in different degrees. This is associated with Udan Prana: when the other four pranas are balanced, Udan Pran guides this creative energy. We’d like to add here that Kundalini rising begins first with a descending grace, a download of wisdom, a blessing, a connection with the wellspring of transcendental prana through the axis of the spine. This is why in Akhanda Yoga, we say that Udan Prana’s main function is Connection to the Whole. The rising Kundalini is the rebounding or echo of that descending grace.

While stoking through bandhas and dynamic breathing are the methods used to encourage the upward rising, very familiar and compatible with our striving and tapas-driven modern practice, what are the methods of invoking or calling down grace? These are practices often emphasized in India; they are woven into the fabric of daily life as a real foundation of connection with the Whole or the All That Is.


There are a myriad of ways to cultivate devotion or connection to the Divine that is all around.

  • During Kirtan when you are filled with joy, your arms rise up or you feel to dance in the bliss of connection.
  • Attending to symbols that help you focus in on that Divine presence, whether gazing at Ganga (or a river near you) or three-pronged Trishul and the mystery of past, present and future all in one, gazing at the millions of stars overhead. Devotion is about cultivating awe and reverence for the magnitude of that infinitely vast consciousness that is present to the smallest drop.
  • Contemplating Upanishadic verses that speak to the mystery of the Divine within and without.
  • Creating a ritual within your day to anchor ‘remembering’ of this sacred ground of being, be it lighting a lamp or sitting with your chosen symbol each day upon waking or before bed. These daily rituals we see enacted in India in shops at the open of business, at temples, by the side of the road, in homes, these daily invocations of our chosen symbol and way of remembering are what anchor us in life and make space for Udan prana and the grace that is really available to us for download any time we choose to tap into it.

As Kabir says, “Merge with the simple state simply.”

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