This month, I’m excited to introduce Victoria (Bhashini) Simpson and her new classes that have just been released on Akhanda Yoga Online! Bhashini has returned to the Ashram in Rishikesh to develop tools personal growth since 2014. She is a graduate of both the Akhanda YTT 200 and 300 programs, and has assisted at several of the Akhanda YYTs. Bhashini encourages you inwards to raise awareness in the different layers of body; the physical, mental, emotional and energetic. She creates balanced sequences, finding that sweet spot in between working hard and being at ease, bringing upliftment with a life affirming and nurturing teaching style. Check out her three new AYO classes below!

Bhashini on Akhanda Yoga Online

Listen to Bhashini introduce herself and her approach to Akhanda Yoga here! Practice her classes as a Series or click the photos to be directed to each class individually.

Akhanda Intermediate – Expansive Sky

Inspired Akhanda – Introducing Bhashini on AYO

This fluid practice is set to the theme I am expansive as the sky, Akhand ākāś rupo asmi. Join Bhashini in the courtyard of our charitable school for a grounding class with kapalabhati, a seated warmup sequence and a strong, graceful warrior combination.

Akhanda Intermediate – Forever Free

Akhanda Intermediate – Forever Free

Forever Free focusses on gratitude and self healing. The practice begins with the healing mantra and a low flow for core strength and nurturance followed by the Sun Salutation, jaya breathing, camel, shoulder stand and fish. Closing with an affirmation for self and others, you’ll feel expansive and nourished.

Akhanda Intermediate – Moment-to-moment Awareness

Join Bhashini for this grounded yet strong practice set to the theme of Patanjali’s third sutra: Tada drashtu svarupe avasthanam (Then you drop into your true nature). This class begins with kapalabhati and moves through a Tiger sequence that will leave you feeling strong and stable. The squat, Janushirsasana and reclining Butterfly open the hips and draw you into a surrendering final relaxation!