Mantras are groups of sounds created based on the frequency of the vibrations of each sound. Each word or letter creates a particular frequency that is related to a specific chakra in the body’s energetic system. When mantras are chanted, balance or harmony manifests in the corresponding chakra. Each sound vibration resonating within you and around you can have certain benefits.

Vishva ji explains that Mantra is like a vibrational antibiotic. Some of these mantras must be given directly from a teacher to a student like a prescription, to bring a particular chakra into balance, but others are like over the counter medicines and can be used universally without a teacher’s guidance. These universal mantras are said to be “unlocked”.


Yogrishi Vishvketu offers for your use the following universal mantra:

Akhanda mandala karam
The cosmos and the manifest universe are one indivisible entity.

This mantra can be used whenever the practitioner is feeling alienated, or separated from society. It generates a sense of connectedness and wholeness as well as appreciation for the fact that we are not our feelings.

Vishva ji suggests that practitioners chant this mantra in the early morning, before yoga and meditation practice. However, if you are feeling alienated or in need of this mantra’s support, it can be chanted at any time with the correct intention. It may be chanted 3, 5, 11 or 21 times followed by brief meditation on the meaning of the mantra.