No matter the date on the calendar we choose to mark the start of a new year, a new journey around the sun, the ritual of beginning is an important one. This fall, I wrote about celebrating completion; equally valuable is rallying around embarking. Completion is affirmation and gratitude. Beginning is intention and vision. At Akhanda Yoga, we speak a lot about Sankalpa Shakti – the Power of Intention. This is similar to the Law of Attraction – where the mind goes, energy flows.

There are a few Sutras of Patanjali that indicate just this. Sutra 1:21 affirms

Success is near for those who ardently desire it.

tīvra saṃvegānām āsannaḥ

And in Sutra 2:33, Patanjali presents the idea of ‘cultivating the opposite’. Dwelling more often on the positive than on the negative. Replacing our biological reactions of fear and anxiety with inspiration and passion.

When negative thoughts and feelings arise, the opposite should be cultivated.

vitarka-bādhane pratipakṣa-bhāvanam

This tree looks like it has a runway. Noticing details in nature can be awe-inspiring (awesome and inspiring). Let’s take a few moments now to en-vision an amazing year ahead!

  • What are three clear goals you have that you wish to manifest within a year. Perhaps pick three areas of your life, like health and wellbeing, passion projects and connections. Once you have the three areas you’ve been longing to bring energy to, get really clear on exact, tangible things you wish to realize. Feel, sense, taste the ardent desire to fulfill these wishes and the ricochet of wellness and abundance they can bring about around you. Don’t worry that it is all about you – you’re bringing more energy and enthusiasm into the world and this positivity will certainly spread!
  • What developments this past fall have prepared a smooth take off for you in early winter and spring? Take stock of where you’re already at, even if the planning and things you’ve set into motion are things you’ve taken in stride or not fully appreciated or acknowledged yourself or shared with others.
  • Now, visualize that everything you’ve been working towards is already here, fully actualized. Feel it, hear it, fully embody it! You deserve to feel and radiate wholeness and abundant joy and the world needs it too!

Here’s wishing you and your friends and family a warm and wonderful start to 2020!!