As part of a highlighting of our Akhanda Chakra Flow on Akhanda Yoga Online, we’ll be discussing how to work with each chakra up the spine. I hope you enjoy these tips on hunkering down into the root chakra!

How to Grow Your Roots:

  • Get out in the garden or put planters on your terrace or balcony. Dig around, get close to the land you’re on. You may be planting a splash of colourful annuals or pereneals that will be with you for a while, but really it’s all about connecting with the earth.
  • Walk around in bare feet – whether you’re at home on a wood floor, deck or on the dewey morning grass, connect directly feet to ground without the intermediary of socks or shoes. Notice how your whole energy and posture shift.
  • Massage your feet with cold-pressed sesame oil. Air and Fire – movement and determination – are both drying. To ground them, we need the unctuousness of oils. You may wish to oil the whole body!
  • Create a small alter for yourself this week with old photographs of your parents, grandparents and even their parents if you have them. Light a candle or burn some sage or amber and take a few minutes every day to connect to your ancestors and acknowledge them for the simple acts of goodness they embodied.
  • Go out of your way this week to remember those who are in your corner and send them a note or give a call to renew that connection.
  • Head to the farmer’s market and take time to learn about where the food in your area comes from. You may even plant an herb garden or salad or kale plants for yourself.
  • Take time to draw and contemplate the root chakra yantra: Golden square with four lotus petals.
  • Chant ‘Om Lam’ for the root chakra during your meditation this week or with a wrist-mala while you’re walking or on the bus.
  • Lay down and take a load off – on the floor – for a round of abdominal breathing deep into the pelvis. Ah! You’ve arrived!

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Grow Your Roots – Akhanda 2 Chakra Flow