Horses can really really tap into the energy around them – even if you approach them with feelings of appreciation, if your energy is not grounded, they can be skittish. From the Horse pose too, we learn to ground our energy, anchor to the earth, before radiating outward through the heart. In this way there is a smooth, stable flow that is easy for others to receive and open to.

In this Horse lunch, first we establish the base – we root into the contact points with the earth with the hands on the mat. When this connection is deeply felt, there will be a subtle rebound, a readiness to raise the energy first up to the level of the hips with the hands on the thighs or waist, then up to the heart with namaskar mudra and then perhaps all the way up with arms reaching and the Heart chakra radiating towards the horizon.

When we’re feeling more internal and a bit frayed or in need of self nurturance, we intuitively keep the hands close to the earth. But in time, and with other techniques, like oiling the feet and self massage, our ability to contain energy will build. Grounded, we rise up and open to give and receive at the level of the heart. And so, the Horse approaches us – we have learned her lessons.