Welcome back to our series of posts on balancing the chakras through yogic and life practices. The second chakra is connected with the throat and is all about unleashing your creativity. It’s element is water and its sense is taste. So, here we’ll focus on the waters in the body, clarifying or sweet tastes and aromas and practices to re-ignite your creativity. The second chakra is also about will-power, so let’s tap into that will and get the ball rolling!

  • Get out your journal and do some automatic writing. By writing three pages without thinking too much, just writing what’s coming up for you, interesting ideas may arise. Start with a prompt like:  what do I want to spend time on this week? or Is there something I’ve been ignoring that I can choose to identify here?
  • Connect with water, the fluid energy of creation! Take a salt water bath with sea salt and a juicy, unctuous aromatherapy oil, such as ylang ylang or rose. Notice any images or symbolic phrases that come up as you float in the tub!
  • In order for the fluids in your body to flow, you need to keep hydrated. Try juicing your own oranges this week with a lemon juicer or start your morning with clarifying lemon water. Half a lemon in luke warm water with a bit of honey, and you’ll be off to a clear, fresh day.
  • Take an evening stroll several times this week and notice the spring flowers. Look deep into their centres and see all of the miraculous details. Then sit down on a park bench and sketch or compose a short poem. It doesn’t have to be genius – just get the second chakra creativity flowing!
  • Draw the Sacral Chakra in your sketchbook or journal. It’s yantra is a white horizontal crescent moon with six orange lotus petals.
  • While you draw the yantra or afterwards, contemplate the element of water and how it flows around obstacles. Chant one mala of the bija mantra of the second chakra: Om Vam.
Check out our second chakra video in the Chakra Flow series on Akhanda Yoga Online or in the Chanting the Chakras Classical Kundalini classes.