In April we introduced Eila Devi’s webinar, Lunar Akhanda YTT and her new classes on AYO! This month, I’m excited to introduce Pranav, and his amazing new classes on Akhanda Yoga Online. Pranav first travelled to India in 1995 and was impacted by the transformative power of Ma Ganga. He met Vishva-ji at Yoga Niketan Ashram in late 1999 and has been studying with him and exploring holistic yoga ever since both as a practitioner, Akhanda Yoga Teacher and also as a teacher trainer. Pranav runs Kutir, an Akhanda Affiliate YTT school in Bologna, Italy. Pranav’s dedication to the maxim Joyful, Playful and Expandable shows through in his vibrant energy and his teaching often with insights into the five pranas and pranayama practice. Check out his new AYO classes below.

Pranav on Akhanda Yoga Online

Listen to Pranav introduce himself and his approach to Akhanda Yoga here! Practice them as a Series or click the photos to be directed to each class individually.

Pranayama – Exploration and Practice

Join Pranav by the Banks of the Ganges for an insightful presentation of the meaning of pranayama and demonstration and practice of several techniques, including Three-part breath, Kapalabhati (shining skull breath), Nadi Shodhana (energy pathway cleansing) and Anuloma Viloma (alternate nostril breathing).

Akhanda Intermediate – Five Prana Infusion

Five Prana Infusion

Join Pranav for this inspiring introduction and practice of Yoga to balance the five Pranas. Pranav takes you through a moderate flow of breathing and postures in all directions that will start your day off with enthusiasm. The class culminates with Headstand, but please choose another inversion or half inversion if Headstand is not a regular part of your practice. This video does not give instruction in how to perform headstand.

Akhanda Intermediate – Joyful, Playful, Expansive

Akhanda Intermediate – Joyful, Playful, Expansive

Join Pranav for this 40-minute class to remember your true nature. When at ease, an inner playfulness emerges; to encourage that lightness, Pranav guides you through sun salutations, the uplifting camel posture, lion mudra, laughter yoga and more. Feel the joy.