Work – most of us have to do it, and yogis often search for work that is something they are called to offer to society, where they feel their talents are utilized. This can be both a really fruitful search, but for some can feel like a bit of a holy grail. What if we flipped this notion – what if we looked for our dharma in the work we are doing already or in the other ways we serve in the realm of unpaid work.

Visualize yourself at work or contemplate for a few moments while at work:

  • Focus in on one individual task that you do at work. Breathe into the quality of willingness and dedication you bring to that small task. What larger service does it contribute to? Visualize all the steps and ways in which this small action will lead to person or organization being helped or furthered. Feel yourself in that one task being connected to that whole for a moment. Feel the honour in that role. Acknowledge yourself for being a part of the chain of giving and receiving.

Now visualize yourself in any area of your unpaid work, whether in the home or in your community:

  • See yourself in the moment, savouring the task at hand, no matter how small. Are you supporting your family with chopping or cooking? Are you helping a neighbour bring garbage to the curb? Feel into these small moments and imagine people all over the world doing small acts of service in home and community and how they all add up to a tapestry of rita (supportive order). No one task is insignificant if we view it within a web of interdependence that is our true reality. Acknowledge yourself for serving in a myriad of small ways every day, even those which you may take for granted.

When we acknowledge all of the micro tasks and where they all lead, nothing seems futile and there is a sense of satisfaction and purpose in each and every act.