We are social beings – a sense of belonging and a place to share our experience of life and Yoga are central to our happiness, whether we’re introverts or extroverts. On the Yoga path, it is important to make time and space for both social connect as well as connecting to the Whole through meditation, time in nature, art, music or ritual.

On our journey, there is bound to be a time when we priviledge one over the other, sacrifice social connection in favour of meditation or vice versa. I think one of the reasons I love Stephen Cope’s The Wisdom of Yoga so much is his exploration of how “a small, dedicated group of practitioners had banded together to support one another in living”.

“It is usually assumed that contemplative practice is a quintessentialy solitary endeavour. In fact, it is highly social. The search for truth is a much more collaborative process than most of us realize.” (Cope 2006, p. 262).

Now that the winter solstice has passed and we are moving toward the light, now that our inner contemplations and vision boards and envisioning have been done, let us make this shift on this first full moon of the year toward re-emerging and re-engaging with our intentional community.

Who would you like to connect with and how? This could mean setting up a roving satsang with a few friends that rotates between your homes. Or it may simply be sticking around after Yoga class and remaining open to possibilities.

Enjoy this social, dynamic time of the full moon! Om Som Somaye namaha!